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Oh it has been a busy fall. Our studio tour is next weekend – Canadian Thanksgiving – and we seem to have a ton of jobs to do to get ready – windows, gardens(not that the deer left much!), porches oh and lets just stick a little dyeing and hooking in there somewhere :-). But the falling leaves will cover a multitude of sins. I am a little worried that we may not have one leaf left on any of our trees by next weekend. So nope I am not sick – just have been busy busy busy.

Yesterday’s Cataraqui Guild of Needle Arts show was lovely. And YES YES YES I managed to find something to spend money on! Rosehaven Farm was one of the vendors with their lovely yarns and Small Investments (Beth Abbot) had beautiful little bundles of a variety of yarns and slubs and fibres – all good for adding to my stash (if not necessarily my hooking – yet!). I had good friends surrounding me as well – Wendo with her fun felting (who will be here for our tour next weekend) and Cathy of Baa Baa Bundles with her wonderful little packages of reclaimed wool and alternative fivers. Those bundles of silks and velvets were just flying off the shelf. I was amazed that Cathy did not chop up the top she was wearing as hmmmmmmmm it would have made some nice hooking (ideas Cathy?).

My yarn buys!!!…HPIM4908

Just heard from my friend Donna that there is a new place to go junkin in Kemptville – the Dusty Magpie! Oh oh – need to do something first with all my previous purchases but OHHHHH I did! I had an old painted cheese box that I had attached a hooked piece to so a little art and storage in one piece but while in Quebec junkin with my friends  Odette and Robert I found four short legs and this week Gord attached them to the bottom of the box and I painted and distressed them and NOW it is a footstool/storage/funky piece of art! One down, 20 to go!HPIM4909

We have had a little visitor on and off for the last few weeks. While Kathy from California was here she got the cutest shot of a little leopard frog who had found his way allllll the way up the steps to the front porch. He sat outside the door (needless to say he probably had heard from the mice that we invite our little critters in and feed them well) and teased the cats. Well, since then he has been back a number of times. I open the door and slide the screen across and there he is staring in as the cats stare out! Of course MY cats would not know what to do with a frog – if he hopped they would run off in the other direction! eyes bugging out and tails between legs!

ImageSo our Fall Colours Studio Tour takes place Saturday to Monday from 10 – 5 and do I dare say it is THE BEST TOUR (or does that sound somewhat biased) and I am so lucky to have 7 wonderfully talented artists here for the weekend. Once everyone is set up I will post pix to tempt you!

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  1. It is so great to have you blogging again! Kathy

  2. Too cute!
    There must be a contest you could enter with that picture of your gorgeous cats and the frog.
    Casey once dug up a Hermit Crab on a beach we were walking on the Florida Panhandle. I didn’t know Labrador Retrievers could spit so far!

  3. Love the cheesebox come footstool!
    Sweet kitty pic.
    Hugs 🙂

  4. Hi Loretta, Love receiving your comments. They always make my day a little bit brighter. You are so talented, and cleaver. You do wonders with all you found treasures. Miss you not coming to Quebec. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing. Ann Carter

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh how I love that cheesebox footstool!!!!! I was just about to sell one of two I have- a painted one (tall one). Not selling it now that is for sure. I will email you with questions but I simply must have that pattern and want to know where you picked up the legs for it. Just beautiful. You are such an inspiration Loretta and Gord is a wonderful support. My Gord helps me too which is so sweet really. Doing these projects together is so much fun!!

    All the best,


  6. Busy, busy busy!! Can’t wait to see the pix next weekend. Here it’s been busy. We spread the rest of the stone and dug the holes for the barn fence. Hopefully this week we will finish putting it together. We’ll be at my parents on Saturday next weekend for thanksgiving and then the kids will be at our place for dinner on Sunday and then Monday we will take a break. Love your new wool buys and your funky stool. Looking great as always. Talk to you later, Diane Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 14:23:27 +0000 To:

  7. Loretta, you come up with such great ideas! Just loving it!


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