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This past weekend niece Dayna came and wanted to go junking – hmmmmm where to take her? Ha like that required any thought – back to Jillians and Vintage Junction and boy did we ever come back with a haul…

My new beautiful trunk now residing in my bedroom…

Antique pastry board that will hold a rug… (saw a similar one on Ebay for over 300 – I am feeling good!!!)…HPIM4842

Antique comb of some sort – if anyone knows what it might have been for please let me know – it is huge so not for combing hair!!! and it seems to have grains stuck in between some of the teeth – hmmmm or would those be bugs?…HPIM4843And some rugs by friends who actually finish things off (unlike me)…

Laurie’s Shoes that last rug made into a footstool topper…

Image 1

Laurie’s Seagull pillow…Image 2

Dayna’s second rug – the frame she found at Jillian’s – cleaned up, sanded and now ready for the frame to be painted black…HPIM4839Dayna in the garage in her haute couture staining her drawer which will hold a rug and become a shelf – have we trained her well???…
Image Andrea’s finished adaptation of a Rosemary Leach painting…HPIM4837 Andrea’s huggggeee scrappy rug – a work in progress… HPIM4836 Karen’s beautiful finished Karla Gerard 3 Blooms – try to zoom in on this one to see allll the texture in those centres…ImageThis coming weekend I will be vending at Fiberfest in Almonte. New location this year – the Arena. This is a great event if you are looking for supplies or finished pieces. At the Museum there will be a button show and other exhibits as well. Hours are Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5 and 10 – 4. Hope to see you there…


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  1. Possible blue berry comb?

  2. I’m guessing it could be a flax comb. Kathy

  3. According to Jamie, it is for “winnowing grain… very old… when stokes were hand thrashed on the floor” – and I am betting he knows what he’s talking about. Now the funny part of your post to me is the pastry board that you will hook a mat for. I have one just like it…have had it for years…you’ll never guess what I use it for…MAKING PASTRY! 🙂 See ya in Almonte.


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