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What did I do or do I envisage for all my wonderful purchases of the other day. Welllllll, first of all the carpenters cabinet (found similar ones on ebay and I think mine is the most beautiful!) will get legs and a rug and become a side table. The grinder – turns out it is a vintage or antique poppy grinder from Hungary – probably early 1900’s based on the ones I saw on ebay. I attached it to the side of a table and inserted a candle et voila vintage funky lighting! Now this was my sister Diana’s idea – when she saw the grinder she thought it was a light! And the bulb went on!HPIM4829

The blueberry picker – ahhhhh that cleaned up well (yes I was shamed into cleaning some of my pieces by the other girls who cleaned theirs – I always thought that extra dirt and dust was patina!!!). A little lemon oil and it became the home for a small punch needle that my friend Diane finished off for me. It was the perfect size – I had been waiting for just the piece for this punch needle. I stuck it in with clear kitchen and bathroom silicone so that if I ever decide to remove it it won’t damage the punch needle piece or the picker (which could be worth THOUSANDS!!! 🙂 – all I know is that a different antique dealer that we stopped at wanted to buy it from me for more than I paid – was I letting it go – NOPE!

HPIM4832Then I bought an antique wood and metal ironing board from friend Karen the other day. Wellllll didn’t Gord come up with a wonderful idea. Clean it up (remove cobwebs and dust but not chippy peely paint), either paint and antique or oil the wooden boards (cause they really are not special), add a rug and a lamp and voila a sofa or wall table!

And the drawer – wellllll drawers are always wonderful frames for small hooked rugs!

Ho ho ho – it feels like Christmas I am so excited!

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  1. Ruby Macgregor

    Good for you Diana, it makes a wonderful candle holder. Your sister is so smart finding all those treasures. Love the little hooked mat – looks like it was made especially for the picker. Want to see the ironing board with rug. Ruby

  2. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing !
    Hugs 🙂


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