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What a fabulous day we had yesterday. I left home around 8:15 to meet a couple of the gang members only to find that the spot were hubbie had said I should leave the car for the day was a muddy rutted road off in the woods. Hmmmmm not feeling good about that so off I went across the highway to an old ramshackled home/barn/outbuilding where I asked the owner if I could park while the hookers and I went antiquing. WEEEEELLLL turns out the owner, Rick, just bought the place, is fixing it up and refurbishes antique cars and YEAHHHH collects antiques so of course he let me leave the car and wanted to hear alllll about our adventures when we returned. Unfortunately he thought we were real hookers! and blushed a bit when we set him straight at the end of the day. I guess I really do need to include the “rug” before the “hookers”!!!

So off we went to meet up with the rest of the girls – 6 women with cash ready to spend! We arrived at Jillian’s and holy cow! I could have spent the day there – well we did spend the entire morning! and hmmm a ton of $ – certainly not because things are overpriced but because there is sooooooo much to look at and buy! I got to most amazing little carpenters tool box – Rick, my parking lot owner! – advised me that probably it was the piece that the carpenter would have had to make to get his apprenticeship. It has a wonderful hidden mechanism to open the front door and inside are amazing little drawers. This will probably get legs made by my friend (and studio tour guest artist) Steve and serve as a side table in the living room (of course with a hooked rug on the top!). Also a carved wooden blueberry picking comb which I found out later because it is wooden is quite rare and worth a LOT more than what I paid for it and another lovely drawer. The other girls bought old wooden bowls, shelves, antique candle boxes, salt boxes and hmmm a lot more (and almost walked off with the beautiful bigggg bench in Jillian’s kitchen!). You can visit Jillian’s facebook page at to see more of her wonderful prim antiques.

Then we headed off to Madoc for lunch at The Hidden Goldmine Bakery where hmmm there were more antiques. Bought a lovely vintage grinder – have noooo idea what I will do with it – but the colour – turquoise, rust and green enamel – was so beautiful I bought it for the colour! Then off to Stirling to The Vintage Junction… another lovely primitive store owned by Lisa and stocked with antiques and primitives where hmmm we all bought more! I got a wonderful carrier with a leather strap to fill with all my hooking worms, the new issue of A Primitive Place and some fillers to put in with my hooked sunflowers. Visit Lisa and Judy at

All in all an amazing day of shopping, laughing, being inspired by wonderful friends and their visions for all our purchases and THE BEST DARNED PIECE OF PIE at the bakery.

Thanks to wonderful friends and Jillian and Lisa and the Bakery in Madoc for a fabulous day!!! and here are pix of my purchases!!!!



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  1. Loretta you are going to have to stop enticing us! Last Saturday I went to the Crosby Flea Market thanks to your comment about the lady with the boxes, and sure enough, when I got there, she said ‘gee, you are the 3rd person to buy from me this morning thanks to Loretta…who is she anyhow?!” And now I am going to have to go further afield thanks to your trailblazing work on our behalf 🙂

    • Ha Ha I hope she at least had something good left – you should have seen the women surrounding us at Crosby as we picked out all the goodies!!! ohhh Liz you would have funnnnnn at Jillians and Lisa’s and the Bakery!!!! you like road trips!

  2. wonderful treasures!

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day. I liked what you got! May need to take a drive there to see.
    Thanks for sharing.


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