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These days it feels like summer is almost over. Labour day weekend coming up, trees are already starting to sport their wonderful fall colours, air is getting cooler (well this week maybe not – hot and humid and wet!) and I am feeling the urge to hook sunflowers, punkins, oak leaves…

Last week I hooked and finished off 6 sunflowers – had a ton of strips left over from other projects and decided to use those up in the centres. I have them stuck in a vintage maple syrup bucket until I can find something a bit more rusty!!!! Hooked and prodded sunflowers are so easy to make and so much fun and a great way of using up scraps of backing and leftover worms as they don’t NEED to be realistic colours! Mine are a combo of yellows, reds, plaids, greens, burnt oranges – whatever I felt like throwing into the mix.

HPIM4821Tomorrow a bunch of the girls and I are heading off to Marmora to check out Jillian’s Antiques & Things. Wellllll Wendy already went and spent but is going back again – now I know Wendy and her penchant for antiques and junk and I also know how much she is willing to spend and if she is going back AGAIN then OH MY IT MUST BE GOOD!!!!!  I think we are all way tooooo excited about this trip…  Jillian, get ready for carloads of wild and crazy hookers coming for goodies!!!


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  1. we can look for a juicy, rusty, junky bucket for those georgeous sunflowers!

  2. Loretta, The sunflowers are beautiful. What a clever woman you are. Miss you here in Quebec.

    • Hi Ann Wow so long since we last spoke!!! So nice to hear from you and yup I miss all you ladies out in the Townships too… who knows maybe one day I will get back… say hi to everyone for me…Loretta

  3. Sandi Percival

    Good Sunflower Day: Lor, the sunflowers are amazing. Rusty buckets would be brilliant. Anne is definitely coming with me from Desert Lake Road….this should allow us to have a wee visit. We will be excited to see you but “over the moon” about Jillian’s. Off to rob a bank!!!! Sandi

  4. brenda gabriel

    Love the sunflowers!!!’ Are they hard to make? Are there instructions Loretta?
    When you go to Jillian’s you may want to make a side trip to Vintage Junction in Stirling! You just go south on highway 14 from Marmora and VJ is on the Main Street . Nice prim shop!
    PS have fun!

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    Hi Loretta, any chance you’d like to sell your sunflowers??? Let me know☺ Hope things are well and we missed you at Donna’s carving class. What other rugs do you have available these days for sale? Are you doing the fall show and if so what are the dates? Thanks, Kelly

    Kelly McKinnon

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    Brockville Lubricants Plant
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    Brockville, Ontario
    K6V 5V7

    Telephone: 613-498-5738

    “TOMORROW-our prize for working safely”

  6. Your sunflowers are wonderful?-do you have instructions?

  7. Hi Loretta, your flowers look inspiring. Would love to make them. Let us know how it goes at Jillians!

  8. Hi Loretta, the sunflowers are amazing!!! So sooooo jealous about Jullians. Have the best time.

  9. Margie Valberg

    Loretta would you be interested in approaching Lison Salois to see if she would be willing to let you sell her patterns for rug Hooking? I know there are a few in the Hooked on Friendship group that are interested in hooking them. I’m sure there would be others.Thanks. Margie

  10. Loretta:
    Could you do a video instruction on how to make the sunflowers? Is there a video somewhere on your site that I am not seeing? These are soooo beautiful. I would love to make them but have no idea what ‘hooked and prodded’ mean? It sounds violent but I’m sure I’m thinking the wrong direction.


    Ivy Meeker

  11. Do you have a pattern for these sunflower?


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