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So our weather had been beautiful – cooler and dry – Yeah as I was having a hookin and hmmm there were a lot of hookers coming. I thought – yes… leave the porch doors open and people can sit on the porch and enjoy the breezes from the lake. Well the weather once again did not cooperate! When I checked the weather report it was supposed to be 77 feels like 91 with 78% humidity! Whew! meltdown. Thank goodness it was cool enough in the morning that with fans blowing all that heat and humidity around we did not totally turn into puddles but wow by mid afternoon it was getting rather sticky. That combined with a lot of inspirational hookers working with wool!!!! created a warm atmosphere 🙂 But it was such fun and the rugs were wonderful so here are some pix (people threatened to buy me a new camera until Linda reminded them nope it is the photographer and yup she is right!  Sorry if these are not great pix but you get the idea – lots of exciting rugs being worked on…)

Barb’s scrappy rug – using all her scraps up but I think she said 1/10 are gone! That means a lot more rugs to do…


Barb’s Sharon Smith Audubon pattern including some batiks and what a wonderful border!!!…HPIM4743

Barb is one prolific hooker – this is her Yankee Peddlar pattern with the corded showbinding that got me started…HPIM4742

Margie’s Kapell Frog and Fishes… the colours are glorious!…HPIM4741

Elizabeth’s Briarwood Folkart which will now have a soft hit and miss border…HPIM4740

Alana with her Buzz Off (which she brought along in the morning with no hooking even started!!!!)…


Alana’s chicken placemat – love the wonderful use of funky fabrics – the grass is not even wool!!!…


Linda’s tree – sculpted in a WIDE CUT!!!!…HPIM4736

The other Linda’s Sharon Smith Mountain Village – love the wonky houses…HPIM4735

Sandi’s 3 foot sunflower…


Gail’s finished Pat Cross cat…


Peri working on her Martina Lesar…HPIM4731

Elizabeth (the other Elizabeth!)’s beautiful biggggggg rug…HPIM4730

Anne’s Old Tattered Flag 2 colour rug – love how this looks…HPIM4729

Sheila’s Klimt Inspiration – only 5 colours but with variations in texture and tone…HPIM4728

Shauna’s 3 Wise men – the colours are so beautiful…HPIM4726

Karen’s Bunny for her grandson – her second hooked piece – no small stuff for Karen!…HPIM4725

Linda’s almost finished Antique Rabbit… HPIM4724

Sue’s Sheep rug – what an eye he has!… HPIM4723

Suzanne’s Father Christmas…HPIM4722

And her hooked pieces for her chairs – alllllll hand cut!!!



and her little house chair pad…


Liz’ Bev Conway Pears – absolutely beautiful …HPIM4718

and her Fowl …HPIM4717

Nancy with her next rug (a little bigger!!! 🙂 (a Kapell pattern)HPIM4716

The other Nancy with her Karla pattern…HPIM4715

Joan (yup Gord in the background oggling the goodies) with a few of the pieces she did with the Oxford Punch needle…HPIM4714

These have such a beautiful background…HPIM4713

Julie’s rug from her Deanne Fitzpatrick workshop…HPIM4712

and Janet’s Bev Conway pattern – such a fun design…HPIM4711

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  1. Such a fun, thank you for the invite, hookers are fantastic people

  2. Please tell Gail I love what she did with one of the cats from “Quilted Cats”. You look like you have a fun group. Happy hooking!

    • Hi Pat!!! Oh I wish I had put the name of the book that Gail took her pattern (or part of the pattern) from. It did turn out beautifully – but then of course it was a wonderful pattern!!!! So when will the next book come out?…Loretta

  3. Positively Prolific!
    What a clutch of inspiration..great work, ladies.

  4. Anne & Jim Ashman

    wow…..these rugs are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  5. WOW are these things ever gorgeous. I can’t even pick a favorite they are all so beautiful.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing all these wonderful rug pictures! My favorite one is the first shown – scrappy & hit & miss – love it!


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