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Monday morning Camp Iawah Girls Rughooking School began! We sat our 8 students ranging from 11 to 15 years of age down with their backing and sharpies and suggested that they might want to use some of the templates we had brought along as design ideas. Welllll they were having nothing of that – without even thinking twice they started drawing their own designs – flowers, whales, elephants, octopus, posies and earth from outer space directly on their backing. How many of us who have been hooking for years would have the confidence to do that? They had no fear, no hesitancy. And the designs were fabulous! Every morning they would come for an hour of hooking instruction and then in the afternoon they had another hour where they could return to the hooking room if they wished to continue on their projects. We (Wendy, Linda and I) were thrilled to see that most of them returned each afternoon and seemed to really enjoy the hooking – and word must have gotten around because we actually had non students joining us yesterday and today to learn to hook. Today was our last day and we will miss the girls but they may be back next year to continue hooking. Pictures of their rugs below show how much they achieved in their limited time and how wonderful their designs are:

Meghan’s Earth…

Faith’s Under the Sea…HPIM4698

Tina’s Fantasy Flowers…HPIM4699

Kassandra’s Flowers on a Hill…HPIM4700

Celina’s Elephant…HPIM4701

Hannah’s Fantasy Flowers…HPIM4702

Claire’s Lollipop Flowers…HPIM4703

Jamie’s Blue Whale…HPIM4704

and Julia’s Tardis from Doctor Who (Julia hooked with us this afternoon for about 40 minutes…)HPIM4705


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  1. Sooooo wanted to be there to help out. The designs are fabulous. Looks like fun was had by all!

  2. Who was it who said, “We have a lot to learn from children!” Wonderful and they’ll never forget.

  3. Karen massingham

    How wonderful getting the young ones started.

  4. Gee, I wish I could have been part of the teaching crew…sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the instructors…what fun!

  5. Wonderful. The rugs are fabulous.

  6. loretta hanscome

    My daughter would love this. Anyone in Southern Maine will to help me put on a class?


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