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Despite the heat, humidity, scary weather (tornado warnings Saturday and scary cloud formations and thunderstorms – downed tree on the hydro line that Gord decided to try to remove untilllll he felt the electricity coursing through his body!) etc. I have managed to do some hooking. Finished the fish rug using the jewel toned red, teal and gold and have it sitting in the fish packing box. It needs to be cleaned up a bit and then glued into the box. Then I want to find some really funky (or make) fish related handles and this will become a tray. To cover it with a piece of glass or not is now the question. It will be glued in with clear kitchen/bathroom silicone so that if need be it can be removed. I will have to decide on a name for this colourful fish – my quick nod to jewel tones before heading back to oh so dirty. But I am happy with the way the colours look on the creamy taupe background (the photo is once again much brighter than the actual real life colours). And I used one of my salvaged pieces of nostalgic junk!


Sandi’s husband Bill is making these wonderful cutter stands – clamp your cutter onto this stand – no matter what cutter you have and no more worrying about whether it will clamp onto a table or not. Comes with a little rubber no skid mat to stop the stand from moving while you are cutting and folds down for storage or toting. All for the low low price of 45.00. So if you need a stand for your cutter contact me and Bill will be happy to take your order.Image 1


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  1. love the jewel toned fish!

  2. Your fish tray is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great colors that you dyed. I especially love those teals!

  3. How about screwing fishin lures for handles…stay away from the hook part though!

  4. Oh, I love the fish tray Loretta. The colours are wonderful – good job outside of your comfort zone!

  5. joyful colours, love it. alana

  6. Love your fish tray Loretta. Great colours

  7. Elizabeth Worrall

    “Holey Mackerel” you are SO CREATIVE!!

  8. Love these colours. Still in Germany. Too darn hot and no AC. Going to Koln today and head home Friday. Keep on hookin. If the hot weather continues at home hooking is all I am going to do

  9. I love it! Not colors I would choose either, but it is just perfect and so naive.


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