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I will be there Wednesday from 10 – 12 so if you need wool or kits, cutters to cut your wool, help or just want to sit and hook in a lovely AIR CONDITIONED ENVIRONMENT why not drop in… Wednesday is supposed to be a reallllllly stinker of a hot humid day.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to buy some used wrought iron stands – I believe these had previously been used for studio tour signs but they were being sold of at 10.00 each. WEEEEELLLL I never let an opportunity go by where I can buy old stuff to be repurposed (as what hmmmmm not sure) but they looked so good in the picture I bought 2 and got one for a friend. When we finally were able to pick them up (they were huge and needed a big vehicle) one went to a new home in Quebec with friend Diane and the one I picked up for Linda already found its way into her house where it currently is used as a stand for her mosaic glass window (mine on the other hand hmmm still in the garage! although I do have a mosaic glass window I too could hang off my stand). Here is Linda’s – looks wonderful for 10.00 doesn’t it!

Image 1So the corded show binding is actually going really well on the mats – people kept telling me – it will become easier every time you do one. Well 4 mats later and yup much easier! and I really like the look but I think on a bigger rug with thicker cording it would be reallllly nice. In the meantime, I started hooking the mat for the fish packing box in those teals and reds and golds. At first holy cow, it was tough. The colours reallllly were a little (well make that a LOT) out of my comfort zone. However, I kept at it and threw in a background that is very neutral, cool taupes and hmmmm it makes those other jewel tones (which now look a lot less dirty than I originally planned) really sing. Sooo this will be my nod to Jewel Tones before heading back to dirty old primitive colours!

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  1. I think I might have a rigby cutter and need a smaller head/blade option…I got the 1/2 inch and the next size down and think I;d like a 6 or 7 head.

    Do you carry those at all?


  2. That is funny! I am glad I didn’t get babbling on further as I didn’t actually realize I was leaving a public post/response! lol


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