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Rughooking magazines that is. Recently I decided it had been years and years since I perused my 15+ years of rughooking magazines so I started pulling them off the shelf. Ohhhhhh I had forgotten the wonderful articles and pix that abound in these magazines. For some reason there seem to be more primitive related articles than appear in the current issues of RHM – and I LOVE PRIMITIVE. Found an article on rugs hooked by various people using the patterns of Laurilyn Wiles (Vermont Folk Rugs). Ohhhh I love these whimsical patterns and love the colours that were being used in the hooked versions – deep teals, deep reds, deep golds all with an aged “dirty” look. Exciting wonderful colours that have inspired some new dyeing. Yesterday I dyed a pile of teals – a kind of muddy teal because of the wools that I over dyed but lovely. I used 1/2 TSP of Cushings Dark Green and 1/4 TSP of Cushings Turquoise over hmmmmm a LOT of wool (about 13 fat 8ths) in lights to darks so got a  lovely variety to start planning with. Next  an old red and then the mustardy gold (from the dye book of Susan Quicksall – Dyeing for Color) and hmmm next the design! Yup a little backwards! But don’t we occasionally let colour inspire the design. I have an old fish packing box that I want to turn into a tray (obviously not to be used!!! as such!) with a fish rug and I plan to use all these new colours. Teal is not a colour I have used much in the past but hmmm “dirty teal” could become a new staple!

(the colours are actually a bit more aged and deeper than the photo – darn pix never turn out looking exactly like the real thing!)HPIM4661

So if you, like me, have a huge collection of books and magazines you have not looked at in a while – pull them out and let them inspire you! Now – beautiful cool dry day so down to the dock with some stitching!

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  1. Hi Loretta! Haven’t talked to you in awhile. I LOVE your teals. That’s one of my favorite colors to begin with and I hardly ever use it in rugs. Im a dirty primitive girl too, but I think I really need to find a place for that color. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!!!

  2. Hi Cyndi the teal actually will work in an old dirty rug! i drew out my fish for the tray Try it over some tans and oatmealy base colours I also overdyed a wonderful texture – teal, pink and blue – not something i would normally use but oh my god i overdyed it with teal, overdyed it with the red, overdyed it with the gold!!! it is an amazing base – gives me wonderful dark values with a texture in it… have fun…Loretta

  3. Rugs and Pugs

    Gorgeous colors. LOVE the teal. Thanks for sharing.
    Pug hugs 🙂


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