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Today I am starting the finishing of 7 mats that were commissioned anddddd I decided to try a new (well for me it is new) finishing technique I saw recently being done by my friend Barb. This finishing technique involves sewing on a show binding that has a cord inserted – it looked pretty simple and so far is proving to be not toooooo difficult (until I get to the butting together at the end which could be a tad fiddley) but hmmmm one should NEVER try a new finishing technique when one has 7 pieces to finish in the same way UNTIL one knows that it actually works! Time will tell as my goal is to get at least half of them done today (well make that 4!). So if it works well this will be a new and hopefully fun way to finish off some of my rugs. This summer I want to try out a few new (or old) finishing techniques. I know we all get tired of doing the same old, same old and that is why so many of us have projects that are hooked, pressed and just waiting to be finished BUTTTTTT if we can make it more interesting and more fun by trying some new finishes hmmmm maybe those projects will get done!


Internet went down in the middle of writing this blog post so I finished one mat. Definitely not my smartest move – a lot more work and more fiddly than I expected especially on a small piece. On a larger rug I think it would be a wonderful finish – on a small piece hmmmm not sure. I like the look of it but there were a lot of steps involved and now I am committed to doing 6 more mats this way – SOOOOO I don’t think I will be doing 4 today – 2 is questionable!!!




Last week we had company and thankfully my company loves to go antiquing and junking! My rusty old wagon wheel is firmly installed now on the lake side of the house, filled with wonderful little ground cover plants and being used as my new-old umbrella stand. I LOVEEEE my little garden. The stool has yet to be fixed (Gord banged on it and broke one of the slats so that will need to be replaced) and covered with a hooked rug. Then when cousin Helen and her hubby were here we discovered ALMONTE. I have been going to Almonte for years to do fiberfest in September but I never realised what a beautiful little town this is – lovely old architecture, wonderful little shops and restaurants and ohhhhhh manyyyy junk and antique stores! So this was my purchase on Friday (when Gord found out he did not have to cut grass at Camp Iawah we decided to spend the day in Almonte). This vintage laundry basket came with a horrid plastic liner (which was promptly dumped) and is currently full of some of my rugs and pillows but will be great at shows filled with wool or patterns! And all for the low low price of 20.00. I think this was a wonderful find:


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  1. HI,
    i have been following your blog for some time now, we have similar interests. I do love the wagon whee and the laundry cart. You did get a bargain as I paid over $50. for mine. I use mine at shows for my yarn.
    ,I was so interested in the blue lobster. Many thanks for sharing

  2. Barb Thompson

    Cool laundry basket, you are great at re-purpose-ing! I’m within 15″ of finishing the binding. I’ll let you know how it went. Seems like butting ends is the way to go.

  3. I want everything in the laundry cart! Kathy

  4. Your new finishing technique looks really nice – I’m sure you’ll get faster at doing it as you get more experience under your belt. Your laundry basket looks great with the hooked items displayed in it. I found one at a thrift store a couple years ago and beat you on the price – I paid only $2 – woot woot! LOL

    • ohhhh since i have so many to do i am doing piece work i.e. zigzagged allll the mats 1 inch from the last row of hooking; pressed under all the edges of the backing to the back; got the cording sewn into the wool strip; so then when I get up the energy (make that courage) I will start sewing them onto the mats so yes it will be faster as i repeat each step 7 times! Hmmmm should i ask for an 18.00 refund on my basket – noooo cause i still am happy with 20 but imagine – they sold that piece for 2.00 holy cow….

  5. Brenda Gabriel

    You lucky girl – I love that old wire basket! And a steal at that price!!!!

  6. I’ve not tried that finish either but you sure are doing a bang up job!!!
    Both you and Gayle stole those vintage laundry carts. I’m looking for one and the are going for $100 plus on eBay. Lucky you.
    Pug hugs 🙂


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