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Taken during the rain last night. Mom and her baby hung around for quite a while watching us watching them! I did notice that hmmm all my rudbeckia buds are gone but how can you deny something so beautiful a treat!
Image 1So yesterday Gord and I went junkin’ with Bill and Diane – ohhhh we had fun. And we got some good stuff.  Stopped at the Crosby market and got books and sopping wet feet because the field in which the market is held was 3 inches under water! Diane got a little faux fishing creel that she is going to punch needle a fish for and then hang on the wall to hold all her punch needle patterns. Then off to the expensive antique store – lovely stuff but beyond my pensioner budget! Then Millers in Rideau Ferry – yeahhhhh we hit paydirt. I had been looking for an old rusty metal wheel to plant herbs in but we found one that we can ALSO put our umbrella in as our base rusted away – so it will serve 2 purposes!  Here is a picture I found on pinterest that gave me the idea:


Then I found (or rather Gord found) a wonderful little really different footstool that I will try to reupholster with a hooked piece. It is probably a Victorian piece – not my usual grungy old primitive style butttt it was so different and really is so very comfortable that hmmm had to have it!

Diane and Bill also got a wheel, 2 wonderful primitive benches(guess Gord was not looking hard enough!) and a beautiful old window with cream paint on one side and old red on the other and original green glass panes all the way around one clear one (would be wonderful with a mosaic in the center and hung outside).

So today dock time and hooking!!!! Good rainfall yesterday cleared away some of the humidity so I think it will be a wonderful day – hope you all have as much fun as I do!!!! and HAPPY CANADA DAY WEEKEND and FOURTH OF JULY.


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  1. I feel your pain, yesterday I also had garden raiders! Took their fill of radishes and garlic scapes…darn two legged varmits!

  2. butttt Vince said HELP YOURSELF and so we did!!!! yummmmmmmm….

  3. I also enjoy watching the deer in our yard, even if they do eat the hosta and impatiens blooms in my shady yard. I especially love seeing the babies each year. One time I saw a mom and baby standing in my front yard, the baby nursing from the mom – the most precious deer moment I have ever seen. I also saw two adults and a baby crossing our road. The baby deer was so small it went UNDER the guard rail into the woods. I’m glad you don’t deny the deer either. …jan

  4. Ruby Macgregor

    Oh I want to see the foot stool and benches! Nosey 5c Ruby


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