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Welllll all that work building a moss garden(gathering moss from the woods and transplanting it carefully into our moss garden) – was it to provide our Phoebe with construction material? Yup she is back – after the 5 babies flew the coop and did not come back for 2 days we decided it was time to clean up the mess – construction sites on the top of every window, moss and mud all over the porch floor and little poo piles! And can you believe it – 2 days later she was back building another nest – although this one looks like a multi family condo! the entire top ledge of the window (at least she chose ONE window this time) is covered with moss, mud and other building matter and we now have layers of newspaper under the window to catch the overflow. Ohhhh all that work – for her and for me!

At the same time the other garden with the biggg 3 foot wide hosta is now empty! hosta leaves all stripped off by our lovely deer and her spotted fawn! If she would just confine herself to that one plant I would not mind so much – but she considers alllll the gardens her personal salad bar and nips the buds off all the day lilies, finds each and every hosta out there and cleans out the gardens.

Yesterday I went to Anne’s for a little hookin – thank goodness it was cooler and rainy – a perfect day for a visit and hooking. Before leaving I made Deanne Fitzpatricks Oat Cakes recipe – there is not a single healthy thing in these – well maybe the rolled oats (reduce somewhat the cholesterol added by all the butter!). Here is some of the show and tell from Anne’s hookin…

Linda found this tray out of an old metal tool box for $1.00 and punched a few pieces to fill in the spots…HPIM4636

…and hooked another of the canvas dollar store bags (check the eyelashes on the sheep!)…

…and locker hooked another mat…

Barb’s Yankee Peddlar mat to which she is attaching a corded binding – need to try this finish!!!…HPIM4632

Elizabeth’s HUGGGG rug (sorry cannot remember the designer) but those flowers are about 18 inches wide!…HPIM4631

Andrea’s beautiful Susan Quicksall design all done in yarns – amazing colours…

A little vignette in the cottage – quilts and pillows and rugs done by Anne…HPIM4629

Barb’s geometric – cannot wait to see this one in a few weeks…HPIM4628

Lydia’s Crow Hill rug…HPIM4627

One of Lydia’s new quilt patterns (The Rabbit Factory for those of you who love quilting…)HPIM4626

And another of Lydia’s new quilt patterns (The Rabbit Factory)…HPIM4625

And here is a rug by friend Elizabeth(the other Elizabeth 🙂 – this is a truly beautiful rug. Check out that amazing background – a mix of navies and browns. From her very first loop I think Elizabeth was hooked – I will never forget her excitement the day I met her. She is one talented lady…


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  1. These rugs are beautiful. Glad you captured a few faces in the photos which of course gave rise to my nostalgia about Camp. You have no idea how much I enjoy these posts. Thank you so much for continuing the bog Loretta

  2. I forgot to mention that I love the brown and navy in that back ground. Simply stunning I think. The sheep bag made me laugh! Keep up the inspiration it is good for one’s soul not to mention creative hands

  3. Loretta, That’s awful about your plants being eaten.

    This may be closing the stable door after the stock got out, but what you need is a repellant spray called “Plantskydd”, available at Home Hardware in Perth. Not cheap, but long-lasting and very effective.It’s horribly stinky when you apply it (use rubber gloves and old clothes), and there may be brown splotches which disappear in a day or two, as does the human repellant smell. It’s made from dried blood, and I use it twice a year. I’ve actually seen mother deer introduce their fawns to our hostas and then back off. Can’t be used on edibles, unfortunately.

    • hi Peri I have tried everything!!!! but have come to the conclusion that I Love my deer and hmmm a few plants – if she is that hungry and feeding a baby I will let her eat! I should just stop complaining about it :-)))

  4. Awesome!
    Totally awesome!

    Your birds may need some basic training in cleanliness and responsible visitation priviledges.

  5. Elizabeth Worrall

    I feel absolutely honoured to have my hearth rug among the photos of your incredibly talented and creative group.!!!!
    I had a Hosta loving deer a few years back and was given the suggestion that Irish Spring soap works. AND IT DID!!!
    I cut the soap into 4 pieces and hung the pieces in onion bag pouches near the Hostas.
    Ah Irish Spring Manly yes…..and deer hate it too!!

  6. That is a beautiful rug , I’d like to know what size cut it is . I wish everyone would put what size on all rug pictures. I am Hooker and 81/2 is my favorite, I’m very primitive so I’m always interested in what cut all the rugs are done in. Thank you , Amy


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