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I wanted to share these rugs with you done by friends of mine because they are such fun. Cheryl just finished hooking a pattern by Martina Lesar with the most amazing background. This is NOT a colour I would ever think to use as background but because of the colours Cheryl used in her leaves (bright Chartreusey green) it works so well. I think this is a wonderful rug:

Image 1

Jane hooked the Rabbit Head chair pad pattern by Margaret Shaw that I carry in the studio. However, unlike me, Jane did not mess up the finishing edge.  I had wanted to prod my edge but must have been asleep when I cut off my linen and cut it too short to prod it – Jane did not make the same mistake and prodded the edge of her rabbit chairpad so that it looks like a field of carrots around the rabbit:

ImageAnd finally, Wendy’s Lac Sam Rug – rehooked a few times according to her. This was made as a topper for a wonderful folk art table she found at a garage sale made from recycled spinning wheel parts??? (Ahhhhhhh my junkin friends find the most amazing treasures!)… See that wonderful carved bird – done by our friend Donna Code!



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  1. All three rugs were absolutely wonderful.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  3. I just loved the 3 rugs, especially the chartruse – never would have chosen that colour either but what a wonderful wonderful fall colour departure

  4. So much fun to see my talented friend Jane’s rabbit cushion. She is very crafty. The other projects were great, too.


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