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Ohhhh did we luck out yesterday – weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor show. Low 70’s (hmmm do I date myself by not using celsius – my brain can only comprehend hot and cold in fahrenheit!), no humidity and even though I was located off in the woods beside a bubbling brook and pond only 2 mosquito bites! What an amazing location – used to be a variety of mills in the 1800’s and early 1900’s – paper, grist etc. It was BEAUTIFUL. I spent the day meeting new folks (many from the area), and chatting with old friends (well not OLD but existing!!!!) and hmmm maybe converting a few ladies into future hookers! And a handsome rather bohemian gentleman bought the hat I had made for my cousin with the too big head (hmmm or was that I made the too small hat!). It looked perfect on him! Took a few pix to show the beauty of this location:

one of my favourite salvage artists Penny Gorman setting up…HPIM4614

ruins of the old mill still in evidence…HPIM4613

over 50 artists but tons of room for everyone!…
HPIM4612Today I would have liked to go the Art in the Garden show at Kiwi Gardens but hmmmm before it rains I need to sand down and restain the front steps. Our little porky (pine!) has gnawed on the steps to the point where we had to flip a few treads and now need to restain as he does not love the flavour of our stain and then goes to the neighbours for dinner instead! (oh badddddd)… And the 14 foot ladder needs to be removed from the living room where it has been set up for 2 days in anticipation of our alarm going off again (and again and again!!!!!) – so far so good – looks like Mr. Handyman might have fixed it. Plus hmmm some dock time, finishing off the celtic pillows, putting together the purse that I hooked yesterday – oh well may not make it to Kiwi after all!…

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  1. Can’t wait to see those Celtic pillows.

    The setting for this show is gorgeous. Where is it?


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