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Well I made it! and had a wonderful weekend. Of course we ate wayyyy (or is that weighhhhh) too much; laughed ourselves silly (sides are still aching) and did a LOT of hooking. We even had company – lovely little mother grouse with 9 chicklets. As we watched from the upper stairwell window she scurried from under the cottage into the woods and plunked herself down and called all the little chicklets to her. They ALL came – what obedient little children! – and crawled under her until she was double her size. It was so adorable! Then 2 of the girls went kayaking and met up with a honkin big snapping turtle. Just a wonderful weekend of fun and friendship. So here are a few pix of what was going on – well hookingwise anyway because! as little French Louise says – what happens at Lac Sam – STAYS at Lac Sam!…

Little chicklet through the window…HPIM4587A wonderful old foot rest that Louise is covering with a hooked mat…



Laura’s finished punkin piece…HPIM4593

Louise’s wonderful fish with sculpted and stitched and quilly bubbles and shells…HPIM4594

Betty soaking up the rays…

Karen’s Karla Gerard Sunflowers – the centers were a mix of yarns, strips, velvets, ribbons – stunning…HPIM4596

Betty’s black cat being hooked for her daughter…HPIM4598

Donna working on her nylon rug – almost done!!!!!!…HPIM4599

Wendy’s little table mat for a vintage table made out of parts of a spinning wheel…HPIM4602

Andrea’s version of a Rosemary Leach painting (with permission)…HPIM4603

Laura’s snowman head stuffed and ready for his stick!…HPIM4604

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  1. Another marvellous Hooking retreat with much inspiration. Great pieces.

  2. The Country Mouse

    Lac Sam Hookers Rock!!!

    Exquisite mats, every single one of them!!!

    Such talented fibre friends, impressive!!


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