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This coming weekend is our girls’ hooking retreat at Lac Sam. We have been doing this for years and I have only missed one retreat but events this year are conspiring to keep me away. I am a verrrrrry superstitious person and was beginning to believe there was a reason this was happening and that I was MEANT to stay home and then Monday this almost was confirmed…

Decided to garden – not a good thing to do when noone is home and you live in the bush. Donned my nonstable Croc knockoffs and out to the garden I went. Got almost the entire garden done and all of a sudden my foot twisted on its side, I heard a CRUNCH(crunch is good if you are biting into a pickle but NOT GOOD when you are older and have fragile bones!) and over I went. The pain!!!!! almost got sick and lay on the ground for about 10 minutes (Gord was golfing of course so yelling for help was not going to do much good!!!) before the pain subsided a bit and I decided to crawl to the house. Well if you have ever seen our landscaping – we do not have grass! We have stones – big and little and riverstone! So crawling on that was not going to work. Decided to get up and try walking – and I managed to make it to the house. However, there was a big THING sticking out on the side of my foot right below my ankle that did not look good so slapped on a bag of frozen chicken bits (thawed well enough to cook up for supper a few hours later) and lay in the living room. Then I grabbed a tensor bandage and wrapped that around the foot REALLLLLY tight and waited for Gord. Should I go to the hospital for xrays or just wait – well being the daughter of my parents (my dad broke 3 fingers sticking his hand into the snowblower – crunched them back into place and finished the driveway before he drove himself to the hospital!) I decided to wait. Turns out it is probably just a nasty sprain but sooooo disappointing. I hobble now! and my once skinny ankle (the only skinny part on me!) is now FATTT and going purple. But the pain is almost gone and the thing that was sticking out must have gotten squished back into place by the tight tensor… So does that mean I get to go????? Is it a sign?

I missed posting one rug that I saw at the show – not in the display but in Karen Kaiser’s booth. This is an incredible rug – bigggg and done in really wide cut. I always chuckle when people tell me they are hooking in wide cut and proceed to say number 6. Even 8 seems small to me after hooking for so many years in 8.5. However my 8.5 is POSITIVELY PUNY compared to Karen’s 1 inch wide strips. This is just such a beautiful rug that I had to share it with you…

ImageNext Wednesday I will be at Stitch by Stitch – cutters and helping hands in attendance. Plus next Saturday (the 15th) I am doing a show in Newburgh. I have been wanting to be part of this show for years. The location is absolutely beautiful so if you get a chance come to the show – lots of wonderful artists…



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  1. I hope you have that ankle checked out!!! Hope to meet you in Newburgh next week-end. it is a great show and lovely place

  2. oh my. You have done what I did about 15 years ago. That thing sticking out the side of your ankle was indeed a bone. I dislodged my ankle bone the same way and it stuck out for years with occasional pain. I also noted just recently that the bone is not as prominent as it was but have no reason as to why that is. I had a nasty spill off my bicycle a few weeks ago. The knee that was not tracking properly is now back in the right spot and the ankle does not have the protuberance on it any more. Go figure. Glad you survived your ankle injury. Take care of it.

  3. Ouch!!! Might be a good idea to get it checked. I think getting yourself to Lake Sam would be a great idea … Resting that ankle, interacting, rig hooking and no gardening. Take care and enjoy the retreat.

  4. … That’s rug hooking …

  5. wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful time on Sat. in Richmond with Beginner’s Rug Hooking – yup – I’m hooked – just not enough time – of course who has that – lol. sorry about your foot – I know exactly how that feels – in November I fell off of my back steps and had to crawl back in the house – was broken in 5 places plus my ankle. Thank goodness I didn’t need pins but it was dicey for a while whether I would or not – was in a cast for 7 weeks. Actually now that I think about it I could have spent 7 weeks of rug hooking had I knew how-lol. Anyway, take care and I will take a picture and post it when I have completed my rug.
    Patricia Lawlor

  6. OUCH!!! Oh Loretta I really do think you need to have that ankle checked. It could be broke. Sometimes though sprains are worst then breaks but I would have that checked. That rug is incredible. Inch wide strips?????????????? OMG it’s breath taking. Thanks for sharing. Now go get that ankle checked!!


  7. Hi there! Ran across your blog due to the 1″ strip rug being posted on Pinterest! Came over to check it out and read your ankle story!! Six years ago, I broke my ankle in the garden, wearing those darned croc-type shoes!! I swear if I’d had on tennis shoes, it wouldn’t have happened! The difference is I had to have surgery and plates and pins in my ankle. I threw those gardening shoes away and now only wear a good sturdy shoe outside!!! Aside from that, I love that big rug and love to hook with hand-torn wide strips! Hope you heal fast and that you get to go on your hooking trip!!
    Alice from Ohio

  8. jeni nunnally

    Something happened to me 2 years ago that reminded me of your accident. I also was in Crocks (after a rain) and deadheading flowers while my husband was gone. (visiting someones garden!) I sliped and somehow a garden decoration (think round metal, with arrow growing through it) ended up in my left leg. I fell (of course), and I realized that I was alone and had to deal with the situation. So rI pulled the rusty (of course) arrow out of my leg and limped, while bleeding all the way, to my cat to get my cell phone and called husband to get the hell home. Ended up in emergency and then, to make a too long story short, infection set in because it was a holiday and the emergency staff was not the “A” team and I ended up with 6 months of therapy. Crocks should be outlawed!

    • Hi Jen Ohhhhhh that is awful much worse and scarier than my accident Rest assured the pink garden crocks are in the trash!!!! foot is healing but i mayyyy end up in the emerg afterall because hmmm it is a tad sore and just does not feel right Rust is lovely – not when it is sticking in your leg though!!!!!….

  9. On Pinterest ,came across your blog on your
    Very painful accident ,hope that you are
    Well now ,although’ you probably must be careful of that weaker ankle now .Was thrilled to see this beautiful rug ….,and know about your show ..I live in Brockville and have just
    Started to punch rugs after years of doing Bunka ..I love hooking !!!
    If you wouldn’t mind telling me about your work I wouldbe so thrilled …I also have painted for years …take care and hope to hear from you ….jane


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