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Is back – but is it actually mine? I am not sure I recognize it – it is no longer fluffy! covered in wool, linen and burlap dust and WD40. It looks NEW – I may have to actually call Margaret at the store to see if accidentally she gave me someone else’s machine as mine has not looked (or sewn) like this in hmmm 20 years! It is so quiet it just purrs as I zigzag linen edges – now how long it will stay like this is questionable!!!…

Yesterday Gord and I went junkin’ in the States with friends Sandi and her hubby Bill. Got NO JUNK – not tempted by one piece – wellllll maybe tempted but did not buy! There was a beautiful hanging cupboard at Colonial Housefitters – it may have been a repro but if so it was an amazing repro – but hmmmm where to hang a blue cupboard in my house of no blue! Yeah – the colour saved me money!

So a few last pix from the rug show…













Image 7


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  1. Penelope Deering

    Loretta, thank you so much for all the pictures. I literally ran through the exhibit and now I have some pictures to remember.

    • Hi Pen I am hoping other people took pix and if I find any other blogs with Pix I will let everyone know as this is unfortunately the end of mine because like you i was running!!!!

  2. brenda gabriel

    Loretta – your friends Sandi and Bill – by any chance Sandi Percival and Bill (00h cannot remember his last name Calver)? Have a friend from crafting that lives in Kingston – have not seen her in ages – but would be a real coincidence if that was them!
    Brenda Gabriel:)

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  3. The Country Mouse

    Now I can re-live, over and over, through your camera lens, the beauty of these mats.
    Thank-you for the memories!!

  4. I say it over and over again – I cannot believe the beauty of these hooked projects and where does the inspiration come from? The talent that people have is amazing. Can’t wait for my first rug hooking course this weekend in Richmond, hardly slept last night in anticipation.

  5. Loretta,
    There were some incredible rugs at this camp, just absolutely beautiful and so well done. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite but I do like Horace and Gertrude since I just finished a Jackie Hansen pattern this year with a big Tom in it. Kathy called him Mr Checkers because of the coloring on his tail. This was a great show and you took some great pictures. See you soon, Larry

    • Hi Larry I wish i had had the time to take pix of every rug that was in the show I am hoping some of my friends will send me pix of rugs that I did not get pix of and then i can post them as well. The turkeys were AMAZING. See you in September (hmmm is that a song!)…

  6. Hi Loretta, Ohhhhhh I love reading your blog. You make me laugh. I was amazed at the spectacular rugs you took pictures of. There are some talented hookers there. I laughed at your description of Terry Dorr. Sounds so much the same as when I go. hahaha. You also visited my favorite places in Maine. We vacation there every July. I’ll be there again soon. The picture you took of the Nubble light is where we go on our last day of vacation to take pictures so we can see how everyone changes from year to year. Last year my son had just said to be careful walking on those rocks and no sooner said I was down on them in a flash. They all said I can’t go back there this year. Did you visit Camp Wool? A great stop. Keep up your posts. I love checking to see what you have going on in your life. Sandy


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