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was wonderful! Lots of amazing rugs to inspire and motivate us to keep hooking and trying new things. Lots of great vendors to keep us in supplies! and LOTS OF PEOPLE! It boggles my mind when I meet people who have never seen a real hooked rug when there are sooooo many hookers out there! Sunday was wild – busy busy busy because that was the day the show and vendors were open to the public. There were a lot of people who had never picked up a hook in their lives who came to the show on Sunday – even met a woman who was from England and on a bus trip who got to come to the show for a few hours! NOW THAT’S WHAT I WOULD CALL WIDERANGE GOOD ADVERTISING! 🙂

Thanks to all the ladies who worked on organizing this show and coordinating and volunteering – you made it a great success!!! (oh and the funky centerpieces made out of recycled materials provided by so many people across Ontario were a hit apparently! – yeahhhhhh).

So Saturday I was at my nieces wedding which was wonderful. Good friends handled my booth while I was away but Sunday I got to be there to see old and new friends and also to see the rugs. I really do need a new camera – did I mention about the really bad rechargeable batteries that hold a charge for about 3 pictures! or the chip that broke into 2 pieces as I was removing it from the computer. Despite all of that I did rush through the show (and I mean rush!) and managed to take a few pix (yes yes I should have used I-Gords I-Pad but do you think I could pry it out of his I-Hands?). Here are a few of the pix – the rest I will share over the next few days…

I apologise for not knowing who the rughookers or designers of all the rugs were…


















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  1. Everyone one is truly a piece of beautiful, unique art! Wonderful

  2. Anne Norvell

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful rugs, Anne

    Sent from my iPad

  3. The Country Mouse

    Brilliant event!!! Hats off to all the people involved who made this possible…they have much to be proud of. The rugs were mind boggling in their craftsmanship, colours, techniques, designs. My eyes are still mentally feasting on all this creativity. And the vendors…the array of wools, patterns, supplies, etc. was overwhelming.

    Congratulations to everyone. This was indeed, a showcase of marvel-mouse talent.

  4. We’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s rugs via the blog- a very interesting show. Thanks.

    Heritage Rug Hookers of Saskatoon

    • Hi Rita so glad that from so far away you were able to enjoy the rugs Wish i had had time to take photos of every one of them!!!!! but then hmmm i would have had to expand my blog space haha….loretta


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