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Ohhhhh the last few days we spent down in the states. We had planned a short trip to the ocean months ago and since both moms at the moment seem to be reasonably okay we decided to take advantage and go away. I have not been to the ocean in about 2 years and oh my God I had forgotten how rejuvenating it can be – how the sound of waves and smell of seaweed restores the soul! So where did we go and what did we do – wellllll of course there HAD to be some rughooking and antiquing involved! We left home and headed for Burlington Vermont where the first shop we hit was 5 Corners Antiques in Essex Junction. I had been there 2 years ago and loved the upstairs which is a collection of primitives, small antiques and funky art. And YEAH the little footstool I had seen there 2 years ago was still there and hmmmm reduced greatly in price!


Was that a sign – you betcha! snapped that piece up real fast but ohhhhh there were a ton of smalls I was drooling over. But I knew I had a trip to Dorr Mill the next day and I KNEW Terry would talk me into adding to my order (it’s like going to McDonalds – how about a large fry with that!!! – hey Loretta come into the back and see what I have thats new!!!). But I was a good girl – I got ONLY what I had ordered (heck that brought me up almost to my limit for 48 hours!). Of course I was tempted to join the group of ladies taking a BRAIDED EDGE class – apparently this is held every Wednesday and had I known we would have been there on time for me to join in – they were doing butted ends and they looked fabulous! From Dorr we headed to Portsmouth which is such a beautiful old city. It has (unlike so many cities) a very vital, fun city center full of wonderful little artsy shops and great restaurants. I found a shop I had been in 2 years ago that carried wonderful quilted pieces by Chris Roberts-Antieau. These are soooooo funky but just a tad more (well make that a big TAD) than I can afford now that we are retired! But ohhhhhh so much fun… And I had for dinner the best seafood chowder in the world (or so they say on the sign outside the door) at hmmm River side Restaurant. On the way to Portsmouth though we drove down highway 4 – did I KNOW this was called ANTIQUE ALLEY!!!!! nooooooooo…. And did we stop at any of the shops – noooooooo….  As Gord whipped by all the antique stores (they claim there are 20 stores – 500 dealers along this stretch) my heart was breaking…. But the following day made up for it – drove up the coast to York Harbour, York Beach, Ogunquit, Perkins Cove, Wells and Kennebunkport. We walked on the beaches, dug our toes into the sand, frozeeeee our feet as we dashed in and out of the water, walked the Marginal Way in Perkins Cove and gloried in the sound and smell of OCEAN.






And of course on the way back to Portsmouth we stopped at hmmm Antique Store! (only one although there are a LOT in Wells). But I think we found the best one – again a nice mix of antique, retro, vintage and new shabby chic and ohhhhh some amazing folk art. So although I did not buy any antiques I found a wonderful folky sheep by an amazing artist. Her work was sewn painted muslin animals that were so funky. Name – hmmmm unknown! not marked on my sheep! Darn…HPIM4510

The next day we headed back to Burlington via – you guessed it – ANTIQUE ALLEY. I think by then Gord was thinking (but would not say it out loud) not another bloody antique store!!!! Saw lots of wonderful pieces – more firkins and little benches than I have ever seen – but hmmm by then over our limit for the weekend and still one final store to hit in Burlington (well and a few more on the drive home :-)))


While I was gone I did finish hooking Celtic Fish which will be made into a pillow for the now owner of the Celtic Ducks rug.HPIM4504

Today I am working on the Celtic Eagle and at the same time dyeing some wonderful teals, greens, blues, aqua’s – inspired by all the wonderful art I saw in the shops along the ocean.These colours are as is Cushings colours – jade, aqua, turquoise, mint(with a touch of yellow) over a varied selection of wools…and mixed in with some chartreuse for a little zing!


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  1. Love the fish. Great design, hooking and colors.

  2. Thanks for the travel log and great pics, AND I probably speak for many of us when I say You Lucky Duck for getting to Dorr, AND please show us the colors you dyed in your next blog. Thanks, Barb Oh, AND how are you doing with the glazed ceramic insulator challenge? Please say you’re waiting for inspiration-that’s where I am! See you soon!

    • Oh Barb the insulator will probably be set in my garden as an “architectural piece ” haha it is so big and beautiful!!!!

      i will post a picture of the wools tomorrow i have them all folded and put into a teal window box – they look so pretty i may have to hook them :-))) see you soon…loretta

  3. Oh Loretta, I feel like I was on the little getaway with you. The pictures are all wonderfu. I LOVE that lighthouse. And the ocean, my favorite thing in the world. I haven’t been to see it for a year now, missed last year so this year I am definately going, if only for a day trip I need to feel that sand between my toes and smell that ocean air and just close my eyes and listen to the sea. When I’m there everything is right in the world. It’s just a wonderful place. your rug is beautiful!!! I live in Pennsylvania, near Reading which is very close to Adamstown. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that town but it’s another antique alley. Some of the best antiques to be found are there and people come from all over to buy them. Very expensive. You’d love it though. Great post today!!!


    • Hi Cyndi that lighthouse is Nubble Light in York Beach You cannot get to it except by the little cable car or by boat i guess – isn’t it lovely. I wanted to live on the ocean for years – spent a year in Halifax and spent most weekends on the south shore. Love the sound, the smell, the sand.

      Ohhhhh Pennsylvania = another trip i want to make!

      Hope you get to the ocean!!! the car needs vaccing out now but it was worth it!…

  4. But Loretta, where did you stay ? I just love that part of the world …… out of season. Actually October is perfect as well. Warm days, cold nights and long walks on the beach. Hmmmm ??? hooking retreat ??? Thanks for the nice little break, even if was only in my head.

    • ahhhh in Portsmouth we stayed at a lovely hotel (small, not overly expensive and clean and nicely done up called the Port Inn. Would have stayed in one of the little inns in along the ocean but did not know what was available until we drove by the many places. Next time – on the ocean! and yes – May and October – great months on the beach!….

  5. Michele Phillips

    Been to that neck of the woods many times. Love antique alley and the Maine areas you stopped at our some of our favorites.

  6. alexandra reid

    Hi Loretta…now really looking forward to Wednesday visit to your shop>>>>>you have just hit my families favourites haunts!!!!

  7. It is official. I am living vicariously through you. I feel as though I’ve died and gone to antiquing and hooking heaven! You are the BEST!

  8. Good Morning,
    I have been following your blog for several months now. I read your latest about your trip and I just did the Maine trip at the end of April from Mass. I attended Camp Wool in Kennebunk, visited Perkins Cove, hooked at the Camp WOol hook-in and visited friends and antique stores. I came back home with a new sense of purpose. Views of the ocean and the seaweed air do that for folks. Thank you for sharing you life and your blog they are both inspiring.

  9. wow amazing how many people have been to the area of maine and New Hampshire that we just came back from – and how many people feel the same way i do about the ocean restoring the soul!!!! i wish everyone could go to the ocean for that amazing sense of peace that it seems to give…

  10. Loretta, your photos of the seagulls and of the lighthouse at Perkins Cove would make beautiful hooked designs.


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