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Saturday was the my first hookin of the summer and ohhhh the inspiration… and ohhhhhh the goodies! Ahhhh hooking and eating – 2 of the best things in life especially if you share them with amazingly creative friends. That and the garage sale in the driveway (Wendy decided to clean out Vince’s garage – of course the guys went off junkin so that almost negated the selling off of excess!). So pix of course of the wonderful rugs etc. that people were working on…

Elizabeth’s Karla Gerard Red Bird rug – love that eye!…HPIM4494

Linda with her Karen Kahle inspired bag…HPIM4493

Linda’s button tree…HPIM4492

Cathy’s Holly Hill goat rug…HPIM4491

Cathy finished her Sharon Smith Bunny rug…HPIM4490

Wendy’s lost and found punch needle (lost in the aisles of Walmart and discovered in the garbage in the lost and found!)…HPIM4489

Wendy’s Sugaring Off rug – many recycled wools in this give it a wonderfully aged look…HPIM4488

Wendy’s beautiful sunflowers… HPIM4487

Lydia’s Notforgotten Farm rug…HPIM4484

Donna’s rug for her graduating son…HPIM4483

Sue with her first hooked piece…HPIM4482

Shauna’s 3 Wise Men in all its glorious colour!…HPIM4481

Linda’s Sharon Smith rug…(getting those houses wonky is tough!)…HPIM4480

Alana fondling her stash…HPIM4479

Alana’s next project…HPIM4478

Alana with her current finished project (no doubt hooked in about 2 hours!) – a lot of recycled fabrics in this piece…HPIM4477

Peri with her Pine Islands Primitives eagle…HPIM4474

Marilyn and her deer…HPIM4473

Linda (the other Linda) as usual had something totally amazing going on – felted rocks apparently hooked with roving and then needle felted onto the backing…. HPIM4472


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  1. Yes, so very diversified and inspiration in every project! I would love to learn how to create Wendy’s beautiful sunflowers. Is there a pattern/instructions out there? When is the next hookin LOL.

  2. Thank you for the gallery tour of so many creative pieces! I’m getting a lot done so early in the AM. Was reading the notes about the rugs wrong: “Oh Glorious Day” came thru as the graduation day rug LOL.

  3. Oh, it looks like I missed a wonderful, creative and inspiring day with both new and old friends. Beautiful, beautiful creative pieces. What were you working on Loretta?

    • hmmmm seems i always forget my own but i just finished the red bird actually someone took a picture of elizabeth and i together with our very different red birds! i am working on a celtic pillow for the woman I did the celtic rug for – it is almost done but i have to do 2…

  4. Trish Strung

    Wow I am gob smacked with these creations. Gorgeous creations ladies. This is really inspirational.

  5. Fun all over again getting to see these. Such a happy day.


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