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On Monday Andrea came to visit. She had just finished a Sharon Smith pattern – Audubon – totally done in yarns and sari silks. It is lovely. So interesting to see how different rugs can look when you hook them in alternative fibers. When I was in England 2 years ago the rughookers I met were using no wool at all – they were hooking with all recycled “stuff” and wow some of the rugs were amazing. Very colourful and fun. Good to expand our horizons on a regular basis and see what can happen. Here is Andrea’s piece (Sharon I hope you see this). This will become a beautiful big pillow with the perfect wool fabric for the sashing…

HPIM4467Yesterday as I was packing up for my morning at Stitch by Stitch I had suitcases of wool sitting on the front porch. One of the suitcases was stuffed so full that a few pieces of wool were escaping and I had to bungy cord the suitcase closed – leaving a bit of wool sticking out of the top. WELLLLL, didn’t a sweet little chickadee land on the suitcase and start picking at the wool – looking for nice warm colourful nesting material no doubt. Of course I HAD to help him(probably a her!) out – left a pile of snippets and threads out on the table for easy pickings.

Just a quick note for anyone who will be at the Quilt show in Ottawa this weekend – I will not be attending. With everything that has been going on I did not want to commit to a 3 day show not knowing if I might have to leave unexpectedly to take care of moms. I hate cancelling out of shows but… So instead – hookin here! on Saturday. Should be a lovely day – not too warm hopefully. And hopefully those hummingbird sized blackflies with the huge fangs will be gone by then – well probably not but we will be indoors!


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  1. Great patterns of color in Andrea’s mat. Hope the snippets the chickadee was selecting were bright and colorful as it will make it easier to spot their nests!


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