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Well weather was toooooo nice this weekend! I would not have minded some rain – am I crazy you are wondering. NO. First of all we neeeeed rain! I am nervous that we are going to have another one of those hot dry summers like last year – I panicked a bit and stopped taking showers (well not really – but a good swim in the lake every day did replace a few). I was worried our well would run dry and hmmm sinking a new well is a costly proposition. So dishwater was used to water pots (well as long as there were no little floaty things in the water) and showers got cut reallllly short! So yes this year I would not mind a bit more rain. Our road is gravel and holy cow the dust is dense as you drive in and out – our black car is grey! But second reason for wishing it had rained is that I was part of a studio tour and when weather is tooooo nice people have other things to do – gardening, raking, kayaking, getting the boat in! So the show was a bit quieter than we had hoped but still fun. Met some former hookers, some existing hookers and hmmmmm some prospective hookers! So I had a fun weekend and  I ACTUALLY FINISHED A RUG! The Red Bird pattern of Karla Gerard that I adapted. So my red bird is actually a red-winged black bird (my harbinger of spring!). I added some hills and deleted some leaves and had such fun hooking this bright little rug. Now unfortunately back to reality and gardens – Gord cleaned up but he does not know the difference between a weed and a flower so I have to go out and decide.

ImageOn Wednesday I will be at Stitch by Stitch from 10 – 12 – hope you can visit if you are in the Kingston area…

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  1. Tanya Abrams

    LOVE your blog!! 🙂 Beautiful hooking.

  2. Just beautiful. I just love how the blue-green sky welcomes Spring. I just might have to add this one to my collection. LOL

  3. Absolutely lovely! Kathy

  4. WOW!
    The lighter highlights give the hills a 3 dimension…….how beautiful!

  5. Beautiful! Love it!!!

  6. Trish Strung

    I love your red bird particularly the background. I hope I learn a little more about backgrounds at the Annual.

    • Hi Trish thank you Not my usual background but i must admit (;-) I do like it. Oh are you taking the Class at the Annual in Backgrounds with Elaine – that will be so exciting. Cannot wait to hear all about it!….


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