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While we were away dealing with a family emergency I decided to quickly throw together something to hook – something bright and cheerful that would lift my spirits and calm my nerves (and that did not include alcohol which hmmm might have the same effect!). I pulled out one of the Karla Gerard patterns that I had in the studio, made a few slight changes and cut up cheery colours for the hooking. Threw it in a bag and left (well with Gord and a suitcase in tow!).

Welllll not only did the family emergency resolve itself quite well (although another is pending in the other direction! – one set of parents live 3 1/2 hours east and the other 4 1/2 hours west!) but I actually got a LOT of hooking done and oh it is such a fun and cheery springlike piece that I am loving it (even though there is BLUE! in it). I had to put it down though because now that I am home again I am packing for a studio tour in Kingston this Saturday and Sunday and will take this along to work on. Definitely work therapy or rughooking get me through tough emotionally charged times…

Happy spring… it is WARM today…

HPIM4464A few weeks ago, Rachel came to take my finishing class. She brought along a rug that has a wonderful story to it. A number of years ago she met an elderly man who was a beekeeper and started helping him with his business. Eventually Walter passed away and Rachel took over the business. She also inherited his rocking chair and wanted to hook a piece that was whimsical but evoked memories of Walter and their friendship and mutual love of beekeeping. With her suggestions on what she wanted in the rug I came up with a whimsical bee skip design which Rachel then hooked and attached to the back of the chair where it will be a reminder of her friend on a daily basis. Don’t you love rugs that have a story behind them…

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  1. Beautiful work gals! Only sunny blue skies ahead!

  2. Tanya Abrams

    Awe inspiring for sure!! 🙂 Love Love Love the buttons and matching wool for hanging on the back of the chair.

  3. Tanya Abrams

    P.S. The immaculate floor and home are also inspiring…

  4. As a new “hooker” I look forward to seeing everyone’s work, it gives me such inspiration to keep hooking. What a talented bunch you all are! Thank you

  5. Barb Thompson

    there is a place for bright colors – I think the blue MAKES the sunflower piece!

  6. Barb I think you are right!!!! it makes all those golden orangey yellows pop! I am getting to like blue (although this one definitely has some green in it! :-)))

  7. You are so inspirational!! Best of health to you and your family

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. Beautiful rugs and what a heartwarming story about the beekeeper. Glad your family emergency worked itself out!

  9. Trish Strung

    The piece you are hooking is so cheerful Loretta. I love the beehive and bees a fitting tribute to a beekeeper.

  10. When you travel, do you carry a frame or do you hook in hand?


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