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Started this last Sunday but before I actually posted we were called away with a family emergency…back now so hmmmm maybe I should publish it…

As I wandered around the yard yesterday I noticed that some of my lovely green shoots seemed to be missing their tops! Cropped down no doubt by our dear deer! Oh well, not to worry – they will grow back. A little ragged perhaps but…

Yesterday we decided to go to the Maple Festival in Perth which is about a  45 minute drive. It was spitting and cold and all I could think about was being curled up in a nice warm living room with a cuppa coffee and my book or hooking! But off we went. Spent about 2 hours looking at the OPP mobile unit (that would have been Gord!) and checking out all the street vendors (that would have been me!!!). By then I was so cold we had to go for coffee and lunch just to warm up. Then another few hours of walking the main street and hmmm I was ready to come home. All my plans to go junking afterwards went down the tube. Even though it had warmed up the thought of spending a few more hours visiting rust just did not appeal to me.

So today more gardening and maybe some dyeing and hmmm who knows – maybe I will draw out a new pattern and get hooking!

I did actually finish a piece this week – I have a footstool made by a friend of mine (Twig Artist Veronica Chenier) that has always called for a hooked topper. I had thought years ago that I would do a little primitive pictorial but realised that the footstool had so much going on that it just needed a little geometric. So inspired by a rug I had seen that seemed to use up scraps I started pulling out my leftover worms with good intentions of using only precut wool – well we alllll know where that leads! To CUTTING MORE WOOL because I did not have the amounts or colours I needed. Finally finished the little mat and attached it (after sanding down the surface of the footstool and restaining it darker). Now of course I have a lot of worms again! ready for another scrappy project!


A few days ago Meryl dropped by to draw out her new project and brought along pix of her Deanne Fitzpatrick rug. It is wonderful…

And Deb shared a picture of her dog (Tibetan Terrier) inspired chair pad (don’t you just want to run your fingers through his hair!)…
Image 2

So hmmm maybe the gardens should not call so often!!!! I realllllly love winter… 🙂


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  1. Your stool topper is the perfect design. The worms seem to turn into tiny twigs. Meryl’s DF rug is truly inspiring and Deb’s chair pad is a darling. The inspiration never ends. As for those hot summer days ahead, I have reserved the time between 11am and 2pm to rug hook.

  2. Love the stool! I want one! Kathy

  3. Oh I love that stool! Wonderful. Meryl’s rug – love the color and whimsy in DF’s design. She did an awesome job. And yes… love that little dog in the shade of a lovely flower.

  4. Wonderful mats ( always!) Love your honesty about junking, rusty metal magnetism, and truth told about cutting more worms for using up preexisting worms! There are others out here that work those enriching routes!


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