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is here and my aching back knows it! Every year at this time I reallllly envy those people who live in more temperate climates. It must be so nice not to have to deal with the ravages of winter every spring – dead leaves that have blown back into the gardens, dead foliage we did not manage to get out of the garden before the snow, dirt, sand, salt from winter! But once I actually got out into the garden on Monday I remembered what I love about spring. I love to muck around in the garden clearing away all the winter mess and discover the beautiful little green shoots coming up. So on Monday I cleaned up 4 gardens. But when you live in the forest you need to have a particular method to your clean up – 1. don’t clean up leaves on a windy day! 2. work up or is that down-wind so that when the wind blows the leaves back they are not blowing into the already cleaned area of the garden! 3. do not try to rake out the forest – it was MEANT to have leaves and pine needles 4. wear gardening gloves cause hmmm there are critters under that leaf litter! and never ever tell anyone what critters you found – those black rat snakes and the black salamanders are endangered and you may never be allowed to clean up again!(hmmmm not a bad idea actually!) 5. make sure tetanus shots are up to date for when you rip open a finger or hand on rusty garden ornies! So slowly! the gardens are coming alive – just in time for my lovely momma deer and her darling yearlings to discover all those tasty fresh green shoots!

So while I have been playing in the gardens – others have been hooking!!!! My friend Liz is a budding fiddler and decided her fiddle case needed some serious embellishing!… Canadiana style!…

Image 1

Linda’s version of Alana’s funky Chicken Soup pattern…(I do carry this and many other of Alana’s wonderful funky patterns!)Image

A few pix of the class I taught in Hawksbury (boy I guess I had not cleaned up photos on my camera in a while!… and I wonder what Ruby is thinking…HPIM4456


Brenda’s version of my Squirrel pattern – so very very different from my version and sooooo lovely!!!!…Image

Yesterday I taught a primitive dye class here in the studio – I think Meredith might have been under the assumption that dyeing is REALLY messy!!!.. 

Next weekend I am taking part in a studio tour in Kingston. I will be a guest artist at my friend Tamara’s. The tour info is available here It promises to be a wonderful tour as there are some pretty amazing artists taking part. Hope you can visit. And for those of you who are local please note NO STUDIO TOUR in Westport this spring! I am a little concerned as this is the first time in many years that Westport has not had a Dandelion Gardens Studio Tour and hmmmm will people show up at the door expecting 8 amazing artists here on the long weekend in May!!! to find ONLY me!!!

And finally, some new Carol Feeney patterns that I have in the studio – verrrrryyy different from my usual folk art or primitive style!!! but so colourful and lovely…




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  1. love that chicken soup piece…gee, maybe I can do ‘beavers’ in kitchen scenes!

  2. That Beaver is so ‘into’ his fiddlin’!
    What a wonderful expression on the face!

    Thanks again, Loretta, for all the pictures…..

  3. Love the beaver and a rug hooking class where you can shoe shop too, in the same location….that is amazing fun! Kathy


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