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but ohhhhhh for the last few days I have been playing in the dye pots (well make that dye cups) with my friend Odette. We have been dyeing hanks of yarn for her to use in a wonderful Sophie Dygard inspired scarf. Then we played with her beautiful buttons (glass, mother of pearl and some bakelite). This interspersed with playing Tock – a Quebec board game first apparently, played in the prisons – and trying different crocheted edge finishes for hooking. Ohhhh these were so much fun and so exciting – so many possibilities!!!

However, Wendy did finish her Canadiana Maple Sugaring rug. It is wonderful – very aged and hmmmm a little dirty looking. I think she said this is the LAST RUG she will hook for her hubby because he made tooooo many comments about what he wanted changed!!! However he DID make a few wonderful recycled pieces that are up for grabs. So I have posted some pix below and prices and if you are interested in one of these wonderful pieces (unfortunately NOT the rug) contact Wendy at

Made out of recycled Ontario licence plates – 15.00 per letter …Image 3

Made out of recycled Corbels from Ballycanoe, recycled trim and vintage hooks – 80.00…
Image 2

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  1. Wendy ‘s rug is really really fabulous .Can’t wait to see it for real.

  2. Great work on the rug.
    How seasonal is that!
    And this is supposed to be a bumper year for Maple Syrup.


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