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with a vengeance! Thursday I left for Montreal as I was teaching 2 classes in Hawksbury (close to the Quebec/Ontario border). Severe weather warnings all day but we had really good driving. Where we live there is NO SNOW anymore but we were staying with friends in the very west end and HOLY COW they still have 4 foot snow banks! Huge tree branches litter the entire area where they live – broken off by the heavy snowfalls this winter. And of course – Friday morning the weather hit! Snow, freezing rain made for nasty driving to and from my class held at the Fabric Box/Heartworks Quilt Shop in Hawksbury. It was the first time I had taught there and what a lovely location. I had a wonderful beginner class on Friday – 9 ladies who braved the weather and tackled rughooking and I think did an amazing job and got seriously hooked! Then Saturday back to the store to be entertained by the hookers from Martintown – Ruby and the girls! I had met some of Ruby’s friends previously and have posted some of their wonderful rugs but met quite a few more Saturday. They are a fun fun group of ladies and very talented hookers. All in all it was a wonderful 2 days organized by Linda Holmwood of Quiltworks. We hope to organize another class for sometime this fall. And to top it off I got to stay with my friend Diane and her hubby.

While I was away a comment came in from Elizabeth Martel – check out her blog for pix of some amazing hooked rugs being done by her group at I particularly like her Klimt inspired rug.

Last week I had a finishing class (you probably already know I prefer showbinding to whipping!) and Tanya came with one of her wonderful rugs. This is one of my patterns but oh be still my heart – Tanya has a wonderful primitive style that made this such an exciting primitive rug. My hooking is very very even so when I intentionally want to include more texture I have to really focus on it or it will start out texture and gradually become more even again. Tanya is self taught and just attacks the rugs with joy. Another friend of mine, Suzanne, hooks with that same style. She hooked this same rug but then went a bit further and hooked 4 chair pads inspired by the same design. They were so wonderful. If you want to read a bit more about this style check out Briarwood Folkart (click on the link below for the Grinning Sheep) where Kathy has pix of a rug done by Roberta from Nova Scotia and talks about Roberta’s style of hooking.




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  1. yes indeed re nasty weather…it made me weep to see my trees breaking under that ice and listen to their cries. This rug by Tanya is a great antidote. I have seen more of her work and her natural style is fantastic…I knew you would be jealous 🙂 Hope you have her on the path to finishing…so she can do more!

  2. WELL.. That is it…it is now official! If I die in my sleep tonight I am affirmed and complete.

    THANK YOU for including me in your blog!!!!

    Wow…I am completely touched.

    Hugs and appreciation.



    I am working on my fat birds! 🙂

    • You are such a wonderful hooker Tanya! Did you look at Kathy’s blog and the woman from NS – just another reaffirmation that your hooking is accepted!!!! I cannot WAIT to see the fat birds – please send pix or bring to the hookin…loretta


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