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did I do it backwards – yup!!!! Had all the wool stacked and ready to do a prodded finish on my M Shaw Rabbit. I had planned to make it into a round pillow and prod carrots and navy sky all the way around so zigzagged 1 inch from the last row of hooking and told myself now zigzag another half inch from that and started to cut instead! around THE FIRST ROW OF ZIGZAG which of course did not leave enough backing for me to comfortably prod my edge!!!! I was soooooooooo disappointed! the prodded carrot and sky edge would have been so much fun and instead I had to do a showbinding finish. At least I am doing it in a lovely green to give my mat a bit of pizzaz! but not quite the same!

Today I spent the morning at Stitch by Stitch. A lot of wonderful rugs were brought to be shared – some I took pix of and others I will wait until they are finished so that you can see the entire rug. Here were a few that people brought for show and tell…

Pat’s sheep rug (I believe this was a free pattern in RHM last year)…HPIM4430 Meredith’s SECOND rug – a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern…HPIM4431Pat’s Woollen Memories rug done in a wonderful number 9 cut…

I am offering a new pattern – well and old rug made into a new pattern. Years ago I bought a wonderful whimsical antique rug. A year or so ago a friend, Gwen, asked me if I could adapt the rug to incorporate her dogs (3) and horse and sled and old family home in Quebec. I am offering this wonderful fun pattern inspired by the original antique and Gwen’s amazingly primitive hooked version of the rug – on linen for $45.00. I call it (since there is no label on the original) Quebecois primitive (in honour of Gwen’s ancestral home in Quebec)…


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  1. Ohh, I like that one as well…too many likes!!!

  2. Lisa Giroux-Belanger

    How absolutely beautiful these rugs are in their own unique way. I want to do the owl and sheep one, I love it!And those poppies, they just jump right out at me – I am so in love with these rugs!

    Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 23:19:25 +0000 To:

    • arent they amazing!!!! the owl and sheep is a free pattern in Rughooking magazine so when you are ready if you want help drawing it out and picking colours let me know… The poppies is one from Deanne Fitzpatrick – check out her website – drool!!!!


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