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yes – finished hooking it on Saturday at our Iawah retreat and then hmmm had nothing to work on! But this morning I finally finished the edge and clean up which involved plucking off all the tips of the tails, loose threads, filling in, holy cow, BIG gaps, rehooking some areas and then THE final pressing. Now just the label and a summary of the meaning of some of the celtic symbolism. Sooooo, here’s the final rug (probably not the greatest photography as I had to climb up on a chair and then lean forward (without falling OFF the chair in the process) and photograph the rug.  Still had to straighten and clean up the photo and the colours really are not as nice as they are in real life(a perfect match for the quilt that it will accompany)…

HOPPY EASTER to you all – wishing you a wonderful day and lots of chocolate!!!!… (and now I am going to hook a small rabbit chairpad – one of the new designs I just got by Margaret Shaw for the studio)…


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  1. Ruby MacGregor

    Well done girl!!

  2. Beautiful rug! I’ve been busy buying wool things at Sally Ann and Value Village, so I hope I can ak your adice about how to cut them when you’re in Kingson on Wednesday. Also, do you have a template for chair pad (just the circle)? I have the burlap, the sea creature templates and some wool, so I’m itching to start.

    Hoppy Easter to you and your family also, and look forward to seeing you Wednesday at 10.


  3. yet another beautiful inspiration – amazing

  4. Beautiful Loretta! Happy Easter!!! xoxxo

  5. How beautiful and once again, with spectacular colour choices!

  6. Very eye pleasing. Hoppity Easter to you and yours.


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