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What a wonderful weekend. 15 hookers in one room resulted in a lot of good fun and laughs and great hooking! We also shared the weekend with 50 Christian ladies who thought we were hot – wonder if they meant we were all either post, peri or premenopausal and generating our own heat! Quite a few of them were interested in the rughooking and came for show and tell and one became inspired enough to take it up!

Some of our rughookers came with half finished projects which were finished by the end of the weekend; some came with brand new projects which were almost finished by the end of the weekend and ANDREA came with a new project which was finished by Saturday! Here are pix of some of the rugs and other projects worked on this weekend. Every year we set a new challenge piece – this years was Canadiana. Next years is ….. FOUL FOWL! Open to many interpretations!!!

Wendy’s Canadiana Challenge piece HPIM4421

Liz’ Canadiana Challenge piece – for her granddaughter Liberty whose parents are hockey players!HPIM4420

Karen’s rug for her granddaughterHPIM4419

Elizabeth’s Maud Lewis – FINISHED!!!  and Elizabeth doing the happy dance…HPIM4418


Laura’s Starr Rug Company pattern…HPIM4417

Andrea’s crow – hooked in yarns and a charcoal CORDUROY JUMPER…HPIM4416

Donna’s finished rug for her musical son… just in time for graduation!!!!HPIM4412

Trish’s bunny – will be inset into the top of a footstool…HPIM4411

France’s Out of the Closet rug hooked in silk scarves…HPIM4409

Donna’s rug made out of dyed nylons…(don’t look at the date in the bottom right corner!)…HPIM4408

Diane’s punch needle horse…HPIM4405

Diane’s Maud Lewis rug…HPIM4403

Sheila’s newest Klimt inspired rug …HPIM4402

Louise’s Star rug for her son…HPIM4401

Louise trying to pronounce the name of her Hawaiian fish rug (as Karen chuckles…)…by the end of the weekend the fish was done and all the background seascape was drawn in…HPIM4400

Elizabeth’s finished pineapple rug…HPIM4394

Lydia’s rug (a Notforgotten Farm design)…(I covet this rug!)…HPIM4393

Beginning of Elizabeth’s Canadiana rug (inspired by a G7 painting by Casson)…HPIM4385

Andrea’s Canadiana inspired by Norval Morrisseau paintings…HPIM4383

Andrea’s fish rug…(all in yarn)…HPIM4382

Another Norval Morrisseau inspired rug by Andrea…HPIM4381

Linda and her Canadiana Inukshuk… HPIM4380

Donna and her carved Maud Lewis inspired Canadiana piece…HPIM4378

Liz’ painting of the deep south…HPIM4389

and her pineneedle and palmetto and sawgrass basket made while she was down south…HPIM4390


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  1. How could I not become inspired in a room full of talented, beautiful artists?????
    I attended the spiritual retreat and found my calling as a “hooker” – Amen!

  2. But where is the photo of the beautiful piece completed by our wonderful leader…
    It’s great to see all the pix…I was so fixated on hooking at hyperspeed that I never got a really good look at what everyone else was doing…some really beautiful stuff was happening in that space! Thanks again Loretta for creating an inspiring network 🙂

  3. What a spectacular collection!
    What a wonderful week-end!
    What inspiration!
    …………….and where’s Loretta’s!


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