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March is definitely not my favourite month of the year. Living in the North when the snow starts to disappear we are surrounded by the ravages of winter – dirt, sand, mud, footprints, dirty windows, garbage left behind by the collectors, 5 million sunflower seed husks(could the birds just eat the whole darned thing!)… Skies are grey most days because it is mild out and the weather cannot make up its mind if it is still winter (more snow) or spring. My racoon babies are out of hibernation and have left trails of mud all over the front porch and on the windows as they wait somewhat impatiently for handouts (last night they got a few freezer burnt wieners). So in retaliation I decided I needed to do a fun spring green. Not an in your face neon green but something a little olivey but not to old and dirty – well somewhat dirty!!!! I used Cushings dyes this time and here is the formula:

1/2 tsp Bright Green

1/2 tsp Bronze

I must admit though, that there was a bit of yesterdays olive green formula left in the pot that the wool would just not absorb after an hour of sitting (mostly a bit of chocolate brown and orange) so if I were dyeing this colour in fresh water I would probably dirty the water a bit beforehand with a bit of brown and orange. I love this green – have a friend who asked for some green for fields and I think this might have to be included!!! I did 15 fat 8ths of various base colours – natural, oatmeal, textures and some darker textures for overdyeing. So on another grey muddy day this Dirty Spring Green (can I call it that) makes me feel a bit more cheerful.


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  1. Ohhh pretty…makes me want to get the dye pots out. I haven’t done any dyeing since last fall.

  2. I’m not a green person but these are lovely. Will have to check them out when we get back home in April.

  3. Beautiful Loretta! Freezer burndt wieners???? LOL


  4. Ruby Macgregor

    YES!!!! Dirty spring green is the colour—just love it. Keep some for Friday please. Ruby

  5. A perfectly springy green! Makes me happy just looking at it! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. I love green and these are simply gorgeous. I will have to have some for something I think


    wishing you a happy spring, Loretta, and hope that all is going as well as can be expected with all of the stuff that you deal with day to day. Hugs Meryl


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