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Last week at guild we worked on sunflowers. I took along a few samples of some that I had made and everyone jumped in. Once they are done I hope to get a picture of the finished pieces but here are some pix of people at work.





At guild I was given the most wonderful gifts. These came in a bag with a wonderful vintage cashmere scarf in the most lovely soft beize and taupe colours and made in Germany!  Now that is a label to keep because hmmm not seen too often on clothing anymore! I do not think though that I can cut up this scarf although it would make the most lovely vintage rabbit! I think I will have to wear it for a few winters and THEN CUT IT UP! Check out the vintage bottle brush tree (yes it came that lovely faded green colour) that Wendy inserted into an antique door knob. I might have to leave this tree out year round – it is so beautiful. Wendy said I was an easy person to buy for – find junk and wrap it up and give it to me! I do know that at my local junk store they charge me extra for rust!

And now for a few pix of rugs completed by friends…first Andrea’s version of Alana Kapell’s Frog and Fishes (done all in yarns)…HPIM4330

and Bill’s Northern Sign of Spring – a wonderful pattern designed by Ann Hallett. Bill and I met last fall and he had  almost decided to give up on rughooking – I am soooooo glad he did not because I think this is an amazing first rug!!!… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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  1. Such joyful photos!!! Great use for rusty doorknobs, I’m sure i have some too.

  2. Hi Loretta,
    Love your goodies. That bottle brush tree is so neat!! And love Bill’s rug. Glad he didn’t give up!!! The sunflowers are going to be beautiful!! I love when you blog, it makes my day!!! Talk to you later. Cyndi

  3. Here’s to spring and your wonderful sunflowers. Also loved the frogs and the longjohns. Look forward to your blog too! Good cheer from Anne

  4. thanks for all the pix. Could you ask Andrea if I can use your photo of the frog design in advertising with her full name and size of mat? it looks wonderful! alana

  5. Both rugs are amazing especially Bill’s first rug…please tell them both to keep on hookin’.

  6. Spring must be just around the corner with the beautiful sunflowers and frog heralding it’s arrival; even the longjohns seem to be singing Alleluah! That is really thinking out of the (laundry) basket, I mean box.

  7. Hi Loretta, So what is the Woolen memories rug that someone brought and you said it”s awesome. I do need to see that. Sandy


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