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A week ago I started the following post but all of a sudden life got turned upside down when I found out that my mom had been rushed to the hospital. Everything was put on hold as we drove 5 hours to their hometown to take care of her and help my father. Finally after 6 days she was recovering well enough that we could come back home – and then Gord got sick! Now all is back to normal again so I am posting today what I wanted to post last Thursday!!!!! So if all of this sounds a bit dated (because yes the snow is melting like crazy!) you will understand…

…Well yesterday’s morning at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston was fun. Despite the bad weather (rain, ice pellets and snow all day long meant slushy slippery roads) a few people braved the roads and came to spend some time hooking, chatting and helping each other with finishing, colour planning etc. Pat came with her amazing rug – a Woolen Memories pattern that she had gotten from me done in number 9 REALLLLLY wide cut. It is glorious and I hope next time to take a picture of it to show you how beautiful it is. Diane came with her Deanne Fitzpatrick rug that she is working on, Lyn came with a few pieces that he wanted to finish off, Elizabeth came with her pineapple rug and got wool she DID NOT NEED – don’t we all say that!. A few other ladies came by just to pick up supplies or check out what everyone was working on. It was a fun morning – I did a bit of work on the finishing (showbinding) of my Russian Village – yessss the hooking is alllll done! The next morning is tentatively scheduled for April 3 10 – 12 – would be wonderful if we could get a few more rughookers to drop by. I left a new stash of wool at the store – some of the new blue spot dyes so if you are in the area and need some wool or a kit check out the stores supply.

SNOW SNOW SNOW AND MORE SNOW… here are a few pix for those of you who live in the south and never get to experience that lovely white stuff – not so lovely when you are driving in it but oh it is so beautiful out there today:




AND… here is a picture of RV almost done – I am doing a showbinding in the same wool as the last 2 rows of hooking – a dark teal with bits of red, purple, navy and double folding it to the back to make the edge really strong and thick although I do believe this will go on the wall. My cats have a tendency to seek out the closest rug when a hairball is working its way out! (update – the showbinding is done and I am ready to hang my rug!)…



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  1. Karen Darling

    Where is stitch by stitch held

  2. RV feels Eastern European charming! Love the wools you’ve used on houses and border. Can you share your secret about these blends of colors?

    • Hi Jane wish I could take credit for the amazing colours! That however, would have been Sharons wonderful wool. The houses were done mostly in 2 different wools – and done randomly in short and long strips so that it became less stripey and a bit more blended. The colours in real life are a lot closer in value and colour with just enough difference to make the houses reallllly interesting. The border – well I started with peachey and orangey wools I got from Sharon but quickly ran out – that is one BIGGG border! so I added some coral and golden tones again in short and long strips. They were mostly the same value with maybe a bit of some darker tones thrown in but I think in the end they all blend quite nicely. So bottom line – dont use one wool – use 2 or 3 (or more) but in the same value so that they blend together but make the hooking less solid looking. You can see a few areas where i used only one wool and they look more solid and somewhat flatter than the ones where I mixed 2 – 3 wools together (border i think was 8 wools!)…

  3. Missed you. Loretta and hope all your family is on the mend.

  4. Your Russian Rug is beautiful. The photos are gorgeous as well. I love the snow but glad it is melting here today. Hoping for all the best for your mum

  5. Beautiful work on your rug, Lorretta.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your blog is the perfect opportunity to take time for a cup of tea and enjoy your news. Your RR is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for taking the time for us.

  7. Just reading this post and looked at the snow pictures. I looked at them before but never saw the deer in the first one!!! Beautiful! I’m so disappointed that we barely got any snow this year or last year. Winter went by so fast and everytime there was a big snow, it missed us here in PA. Bummer. Can you tell I love winter? And cold dark nights? And snowwwwwwww!!!! Cyndi 0h….and I love your rug!!!!!!! Wonderful colors!!!


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