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well in the trap… Every morning I check the live trap which we have set up in the basement ceiling and EVERY morning there is a mouse – the same mouse I am sure as the previous day(s) – sitting calmly inside the trap eating his expensive peanut butter and knowing that in the end he will make it back to his comfortable blanket in the garage – only to return the next morning to his favourite restaurant for breakfast! Everyone keeps telling me to mark him with nailpolish but that would involve opening the trap wide enough to reach in and mark a fast little mouse? I am not afraid of mice – have caught many of them in my hands BUT I reallllly don’t want him hopping out of the trap and racing around the house. Much prefer him IN the trap transported to the garage! I am sure it is the same mouse though because he continues to eat as I look in through the peepholes – I am just hoping that he is getting chubbier each day and soon will not be able to scoot through whatever minuscule opening there is into my basement!!!! But at least this year – ONE mouse – not 3! and IN THE TRAP not racing around behind wall units!

And now a little cat humour – how to catch a cat (not a mouse!)…


I have been dyeing like crazy this past week – lovely blues and lilacs and lavenders for a friend in Ottawa who is doing a very colourful Group of Sevenish(not a word according to my computer) landscape. My fingers are now various shades of blue!. Most of these are spot dyes and in the last year or two I learned of an easy way to make these more blended and less “spotty”.  I think it was Wanda Kerr in one of her articles in Rughooking Magazine who mentioned 1. use very little hot water to mix the dye – just enough to break down the dye particles 2. don’t add vineagar to the formula 3. top up with cold water. Because dye absorbs much more quickly with hot water and vineagar you get more spotty versions(which sometimes are perfect!) but for a softer, more blended version use the method above. I pour rather than spoon my dye onto 2/8 of wool (sometimes using a either textured or light plaid wools or layering on some slub yarn), then squish with my potato masher (which has never in its life seen a potato!) – this blends the colours together; lift up into peaks again, checking to make sure no white spots(unless I specifically WANT some white areas) and then add the vineagar to the sides and pop into the microwave. I do all my spotdyes in the microwave in a 9×9 glass cake pan – 10 minutes and the water is clear and then I toss it into an old metal salad bowl to finish setting and cooling down.

Yesterday Beth sent me a picture of her finished Karla Gerard rug – it turned out beautifully! This is such a fun fresh rug – it makes me smile… DSCN0106

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  1. Hi Loretta. Your blog is so much fun. Everytime I see you posted something new I can hardly wait to get there knowing it will be fun and so entertaining. I had to bust up laughing at your mouse story, the way he is eating his expensive peanut butter for breakfast! Ha ha…..what a great story. And the potato masher that has never seen a potato. Oh my gosh you make my day. Always read your postings with a smile on my face!!! Beth’s rug is beautiful. I really love how she hooked it and the colors she used! Talk to you later. Have a great Sunday!! Cyndi

  2. Beautiful colours and pattern. Nice work, Beth!

    Mice again? It’s the House Mouse, indeed!
    Maybe your cats need retraining, Loretta….or maybe you need a Labrador Retriever as they have ‘soft’ mouths and won’t kill the mice……….and they loooooooove peanut butter….a mouse with peanut butter on its breath would be a supreme catch.

    Always enjoy your blog wherever we may be.
    Today it’s sunny, tepid Brunswick, Georgia…..and the Hookin’ is easy!

  3. HI loretta! I do understand the mouse problem as we live in an older Victorian and my husband is always on mouse patrol!
    I have a question: I cannot seem to find your original post on where the shop in Kingston is that you will be at this Wednesday the 27th. Can you let me kn ow again as I am hoping to make a trip with one or two of my hooking buddies 🙂

  4. The Country Mouse

    There once was a hooker named, Loretta
    With a mouse in the house she had a vendetta.

    Live traps with peanut butter she used to entice
    Gourmet meals for this furry critter, how paws-itively nice.

    Then, into the garage, transported with care
    To a “bed” she provided, ever so fair.

    A mouse-tastic spot, cozy, warm, a delight
    Where wee mousie spent dreaming and sleeping all through the night.

    Just before daybreak it scurried back “home”
    To toy with the cats, through each room it did roam.

    Tired and hungry to the trap, it now made its way
    And so the cycle began, repeated, day after day!!

    The Country Mouse 2013

  5. Loved the cat humor! Looking forward to seeing you this summer.


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