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Yesterday I got a few new Karla patterns – her style is evident but definitely changing. These patterns are available on primitive linen for $35.00 (smaller size) or $55.00 (larger size) and I will add them to my online store soon. I think the Sunflower pattern is just amazing and could see this with a lot of wonderful alternative fibers mixed in with the wool strips – Sari silks, yarns, slubs, roving! and with some additional textural rughooking techniques. I KNOW I am going to have to hook this one – for me in my dirtier older brickreds/burnt oranges/mustardy yellows and olives. But it could also be fun in brighter less sunflowery colours – could be hmmm daisies or asters or anything your heart desires!






This past Monday I took part in our historical days – what fun! At first I thought it was just a social event for all the local older folk to get together and reminisce but we actually had a good turnout for a new one day event. I demoed as did Raphael Karem our local historic broom maker and quilter Helen Barr and the cloggers. There were wonderful old tools and photos and local history on display and I GOT A LOT OF HOOKING DONE on the celtic ONLY to realise it was not calling to me! It was far too strong with solid navy etc. At first I thought it would be good to match the graphicness of the quilt that is in the same room as the rug however I quickly (thank goodness because not as much pulling out and rehooking) realised that I want to soften the colours and make this piece look more aged.  Yesterday I replanned the entire rug! So out will come alllllllll (or most) of the hooking I did on Monday (I actually got the entire knot border and part of the background done). Hopefully this time my vision and reality will coincide!


NOOOOO this is not me!!!!! Not sure how historic the attire was! but it was quite amusing to watch her clogging with her shoe. On the right you can see some of Raphaels brooms – well not too well. He dyes the straw and then does a woven top on them and uses hickory sticks for the handles. They are beautiful. HPIM4294

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  1. I actually am aspiring to do a celtic piece. Celtic things call my name!
    I can’t wait to see yours when it is finished

  2. Those first two patterns are such a joy to view, especially those blowy flowers.


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