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Я наелась!!!

That would translate to I’M FINISHED (well almost – guess I should have gotten a translation of almost as well!!!). Thank goodness none of my friends reads Russian though because hmmm, not sure that these letters are terribly accurate (the hooked compared to the drawn that is!). Not being alllll that well acquainted with the Cyrillic alphabet, I should probably have printed off the letters so that once they were hooked in and I was hooking background around them I could refer to something to remind me what they are SUPPOSED to look like. Oh well – I am having fun!!!! and they do look Russian!! Now all I have to do (alllll!!!) is fill in around the letters but on Family Day (Feb 18) I will be demonstrating rughooking for the Bedford Historical Society on Westport Road. So this will be a great piece to take along – no thinking just hooking!!!! and I think I will just fill in with straight lines.


Gord washed my little $6.00 bakery/hospital/veggie/diaper etc. rack and we realised that YES the rust was holding it together. He sanded lightly just to get the flakiness off for now and hmmm the more he sanded the bigger the hole in the bottom trough became so NO MORE SANDING! I do think it is going to need a gooooood coat of some thick paint :-)… But in the meantime I am loving having all my wool in one big trough at the right height to just reach from my chair and pull instead of spread all over the couch or my table.

I received, this week, a few more Sharon Smith patterns – one of her newest ones is soooo much fun:

Little Houses 400

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  1. Love the rug, Loretta


  2. The rug looks good to me. Love it. Different from your usual pieces.

  3. Good work, Loretta!
    Marvellous onion domes,purple background and people.

  4. The Country Mouse

    Now, you realize we are all going to check your Russian translation, just in case there is a subliminal message in it we should know about!!!!!!!!

    The rug is charming, full of character, interest, makes me want to be magically transported to this quaint village. Marvel-mouse! Bravo!

    As for your rusty shelf…am surprised D. hasn’t already put duct tape over the holes!!

  5. Love your new rug Loretta! The colors are stunning and that purple swirly background is amazing! Just love everything about it. That looked like a fun rug to hook! Happy Sunday!


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