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Well yesterday Gord and I decided to take a day off and go to the antique show in Kingston. It was a great show – lots of wonderful antiques and primitives but SOOOOOOOOOO out of my budget! There were about 2 booths with small stuff that was more vintage than antique that I could have afforded – I almost! bought a nice red painted box but in the end abstained! Lots of wonderful old hooked rugs including quite a few Grenfells and G E Tremblays and other antique rugs – if you could afford to pay $$$; beautiful folkart – saw a gorgeous old horse weathervane for only $6800! lots of fun Nova Scotia folk art. Even though the prices were much more than I could ever afford, it was fun and I enjoyed looking at stuff and was relieved not to be tempted!!!
So I bought nothing there – instead afterwards we went to the junk market where I got the wierdest piece of metal furniture thingy that I am going to use to hold all my wool strips for projects as I work on them.  It has 3 big troughs that could hold a lot of wool strips and I can even semi sort them by colour or area on the rug. As you can see from the photo it hmmmm needs a bit of work but Gord is going to sand and paint and distress it for me to cover all the rust – so biggggg expense at 6.00(my kind of shopping! :-)) If anyone knows what this lovely??? piece was in its former life please let me know – but it will have a good use in its new life!!!


Today I had company – noooo not the guys below!!!!!



Wendy and her daughter Patrice (both hookers and extremely talented ladies) came for a dye and play day. Patrice had never dyed before and wanted to dye wool for the next piece she is going to hook – this is the result. We did what I call lasagna dyeing – not sure if there is another term for this???) – we put one layer of crumpled up wool in the bottom of a glass 9×9 inch pan and poured our lightest colour on this (so for instance one set of colours started with Cushings tan on the bottom – 1/16th tsp mixed in about 3/4 cup water with a touch of vineagar); then we put a second layer of wool crumpled up on top of this and poured Cushings medium brown – in this case we wanted the colour a bit darker so used 1/16 plus 1/32; the third layer of crumpled wool got a very diluted Cushings bright purple and a bit of reserved medium brown. Each layer would get squished down with a potato masher and lifted so that there were no white spots. As we squished down each layer a bit of the colour underneath would bleed up and colour from above would bleed down. Then pop – into the microwave (not the one I use for all my cooking :-)) for 10 minutes which was sufficient time for the water to go clear and then let it rest for a while and voila – wonderrrrrful wool that was perfect for her project!

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  1. Loretta, so where did you get your little wooden visitor….I had one but had it passed on so would love another one. The dyeing looks wonderful, you must have worn your sunglasses.

  2. Loretta, Google “chalk paint” and check it out. You don’t have to sand or prime your piece before painting and can achieve a wonderful distressed look with it. Kathy

  3. ohhhhh Kathy this is amazing paint!!! and you can crackle without all that work! andddd there is even a retailer not far from me! how wonderful – hmmmm may wait till we get to kingston in a few weeks to get this product. Thank you for the recommendation – it looks wonderful. Have you used it?…

  4. Hi Loretta, wish I knew what the metal “thingy” is but alas I do not. Rather than sanding and refinishing, distressing, etc. Just sand off the loose stuff and spray with clear coat. Why go to all that work? As long as you coat it well, rust won’t matter. It will be “sprayed” in so to speak.

    Good luck with that and I have much better luck at Thrift Stores over antique shows – ideal pricing.


    • Well the first thing i really need to do Laurie is CLEAN IT I am sure there is a major coating of filth on it Then i will know what i have to play with I do love rust! just hope it is not the rust that is holding it all together 🙂 Hope you are having wonderful warm weather…. Met someone else from Wellington today = Phyllis Turns out she and I used to live minutes away from each other south of Montreal and knew a lot of the same people!… I think she is now hooked…

  5. Wow!!! How many people can boast having 10 deer in their yard at once, beautiful. Love the little coon. You sure have talented friends also of the 2 legged sort. You find the greatest stuff junking and at first I thought it might have been an old wash tub but haven’t seen anything with the bottom compartments. I think it will be quite handy instead of all my little apple baskets I use. Thanks for sharing. Ruby

  6. Love that little metal furniture thingy! What a great find! I have no idea what it’s original purpose was (potato & onion holder?) but, I’d say you have created the BEST use for it! Great dye pics… the mottled mocha in the upper right is beautiful!

    • Hi Sharon A friend of mine suggested it might have been from a bakery and ohhhh i think she might be right! (certainly would NOT want to use it for any kind of food in its current condition :-)) That mocha mix in the top is the one I gave formulas and directions for – i LOOOOVEEE it!!!! and soooo dead easy!

  7. re: The metal shelving unit. Marg Ritchie from Kingston thinks it could be a veggie holder or maybe something from a hospital. I wondered if it could be an insert from a wooden cabinet such as a Hoosier. Great find!

    Patrice, your colours are magnificent and your subject ever more so. THE SCREAM comes with many curious adventures.Enjoy many………

  8. Hi Loretta: Am in Florida now enjoying the warmth, sun and sand. The metal thingy looks very much like a change table that was used in maternity wards in the 40/50’s ( the top is missing) the shelves below are for storing the cloth diapers. Sandi H


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