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welll probably many things but the one that did me in was LEAVING ALL BACKGROUND TILL THE END. How many times have I told beginners – don’t leave all your background to the end – do it a bit at a time. Well did I do this myself on this rug – nope and there was a LOT of background between the grass and sky. But it is finished – now just the border. Love the way the rug is coming along but of course as I look at the picture I realise there are things that need tweaking. The last picture I posted made me realise that my Russian babushka on the right hand side had one arm longer than the other. When I mentioned this to a friend she said – yes but she is carrying a heavy shopping bag in that hand so… well I did not think the bag was THAT heavy. So fixed her arms to make them essentially the same length! and made her a bit chubbier! more age appropriate! And of course now I see other things but they will be fixed (or not) once the border is all done. Nothing should be too perfect! 🙂

So here is a picture of Russian Village almost (wellll that is a big almost) done…

HPIM4274Weather is badddd today – rain and warm temperatures make for nasty icy roads so I am glad I am staying home today to dye wool and hook. But the weather also seems to have brought back the mouse problem – or maybe it was the deadly cold snap we had last week that brought the little varmints back. This morning as I was working on the computer I heard thunk thunk thunk coming from the ceiling above my head – not the pitter patter of little feet but the tromping of big pregnant momma! Our computer is in the basement family room – thank goodness we have a dropped tile ceiling because after listening to the Lone Ranger and Silver racing around in the ceiling I decided that was where the live trap needed to go. So it is in its new home, baited with expensive peanut butter and waiting for the impending family to move in! Now of course we have to remember to CHECK the live trap every morning for residents that need to be carted away a mile so they cannot find their way back!

If you would like to read more about and see more wonderful pictures of the Sharon Smith class in Arizona check out Kathy Clark’s blog Kathy is an amazing primitive (or should I say antique inspired) rughooker who I had the privilege of meeting and talking with last year at the class we took together. We both decided this year to take advantage of Sharon’s class to spend more time together and realised that we are definitely kindred spirits! I am so excited that Kathy is coming to Canada in September to teach – class is full but who knows – maybe Kathy will like Canada so much that she will come back again!…

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  1. It is beautiful and the colours are so rich! Regarding “perfect”….. when I pointed out to a friend all the imperfections I could see in my rug, she said : “But that what makes it look HUMAN….don’t change a thing!!”

  2. I’m a newbie and just finishing my first project, working on the background. I wish someone would have told me to do the background a little at a time. After reading your post I’ll know what to do next time.

    • ahhhhh but see i KNEW!! and did not do what i always preach!! 🙂 it is always so much more fun to do the motifs but i must say i enjoyed doing the swirls in the sky Sharon taught us techniques for making background more interesting to hook – she usually leaves her backgrounds to the end and does not even know what she is going to do with them until!!! she gets to them

  3. It looks wonderful! Great background! Kathy

  4. I left the background til last on my second project. NEVER AGAIN. Nearly drove bonkers.
    Enjoyed your posting from sunny warm St.Augustine. Brought some hooking but so far been too busy to get much done. Love the Russian Village.

  5. Wow really love your colors in this rug Loretta. It’s really perfect. The background is beautiful! We are all way too critical about our work.

  6. Especially love the onion domes, rooftops, border, background treatment….. and everything!
    A lovely piece of work

  7. Oh Loretta!
    Your rug is fantastic. You are such a precision hooker. Hopefully the Cyrillic alphabet will be more fun to hook than the background! take care, Sharon


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