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Whew, I cannot believe I have only been back a week – it seems like a month. It has been a busy busy week – dyeing lots of wool in aged colours and some new Sharon Smith colours.

Have I been hooking – well, a bit. I have sky and border left to do on my Russian Village rug – the border will be interesting as it is the Cyrillic alphabet and although many people are intimidated by lettering, I actually think this will be fun. I usually hook the lettering a bit higher than the surrounding loops so that it does not sink down into the background but if it does I pull it out and rehook it so that it is crisp and defined – not a new technique but an effective one if you are concerned about hooking letters. In the meantime though, I have friends who have been doing a lot more hooking than I have! Here are pix of some of their rugs:

Susan finished her Karen Kahle Vermont rug – in hmmm about 2 months! this is a bigggg (and beautiful!) rug…


Trudy’s Bird in a Blooming Tree (Karla Gerard pattern) – Trudy is a new hooker since October and this is only her second piece…


Tomorrow I am off to Kingston to the newly named and reopened Stitch by Stitch (previously Quilt and Stitch) store. I will be setting up a rughooking corner – hooks, linen, patterns, kits and wool. Margaret (owner of the store) is a lovely lady and a budding rughooker! We hope to make the rughooking a permanent and exciting addition to the store.

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  1. Where is this place in Kingston, Loretta

  2. Hi Julie it is the quilt store on Gardiner Road across from Home Depot…

  3. Great news!!

  4. Beautiful work! Wonderful news about the store! What is the address?

  5. The new Stitch by Stitch quilt store is located at 645 Gardiners Road in Kingston…. I set up a starter area but we hope to expand this with time….

  6. For a second rug Trudy has done a wonderful job!


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