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While we were away the deer did not get fed! We decided – if we are not here to watch them enjoy their meals we cannot afford to feed them! So yesterday was the first morning in 9 days that they got fed. And of course they are fickle!!!! Not one came to the feeder UNTIL Gord went out with the bucket and as he was filling up the trough he heard snorting and stamping behind him (I would have been running at that point). The scent of the molasses and oats and corn must have wafted through the woods cause THERE THEY WERE! Eager and impatient… Of course the squirrels and raccoons did not get fed either! On our return the front porch was covered with gnawed on and broken wooden cranberries – something had gnawed through the twine that connected them and then decided to try to eat them – there were some that were actually half eaten! Now THAT is an extreme way of adding fiber to your diet! So of course a nice selection of seeds and some dried out cake and bread have made it to the front porch for the little critters!

Did I mention I brought back some Sharon Smith patterns – these are the ones I have in stock – email me if you are interested:AngelRug



Mountain Village 200

Laundry Day


Purple Rain


I managed to get a few pictures before batteries started to act up of the rug display. Tomorrow I will post pictures of some of the Briarwood Folk Art patterns I brought back (Kathy was in my class and is actually coming to teach her wonderful approach to making your rugs look antique in September!)..




















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  1. Glad you’re back and so happy you had a good time. Thank God you’re back before the critters start eating your house!!!! Those poor deer must have been half starved!!! LOVE Sharon’s purple rain, have the pattern but haven’t started it yet. Have a good Sunday!!!

  2. Gorgeous rugs. I love the patterns as well. Love the poppies but really hard pressed to pick a favourite. What are the dimensions of the poppies?

    The critters will really be happy that you are home. The deer were snorting their pleasure for your return and maybe giving you some attitude like “it’s bout time you fed us” Hahahaha!

  3. OH TRISH as long as they dont do what the deer did to France!!!! a little TOOOOOO friendly… the patterns are wonderful aren’t they – the poppies is 24 x 30 inches on linen and is 56.00…Loretta

  4. Hi, love your blog! What size is the angel with houses rug and how much is it? Is it on linen and for primitive hooking? thanks, Jean

  5. Hi Loretta:

    I am so enjoying reading about all you are doing and seeing all the beautiful rugs and different people who are involved In this craft.

    Glad all your outdoor friends are back. I am busy fighting off the wild turkeys. They are at my bird feeders and they can now jump about 10 ft in the air to reach them.

    I got onto Sharon Smith ‘s website. Everything is amazing. I am interested in the second pictured on your website. The Birds. I love the background. If you could let me know the size and cost of it. I would appreciate it

    Tks and Cheers Diane Webb

    Sent from my iPad

  6. What a wonderful selection of rugs for the rug show. I definately recognize Kathy’s rugs as they are so primitive and wonderful. I was wondering if the 2 drinking bears was Kathy’s finished challenge piece and if you have worked on your bears yet.

    • oh yeah rub it in!!!!! yes those are the drinking bears but Kathy must have learned from you cause her piece is half the size of mine so i am flipping mine over and doing it miniature!!! haha….


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