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Now does that sound like a line from a scary movie? Arrived home last night after a wonderful 9 days away in Arizona – well make that 7 because 2 days of travelling from airport to airport through security (thank goodness I bought new socks with no holes!), U.S. immigration, customs, more security etc etc etc cannot count as part of the trip! I realise I am getting old and this is WORK! But – the class and Arizona were sooooo worth it. Sharon Smith was a wonderful teacher – my goal was to learn more about how to make backgrounds interesting and holy cow Sharon really delivered! She gave us many many ideas that just opened my eyes to the potential of backgrounds. I have always hated LOTS of background so whenever I design anything of my own I try to limit the amount of background and try to make it more interesting with a variety of wools and movement. Sharon’s rugs have wonderful backgrounds and she made us see background as an opportunity for exciting patterns and colours. Here are some pictures of her rugs where you can see how she puts this into practice:


















I thought I would be really working outside my comfort zone as far as colour is concerned because in pictures Sharon’s rugs look so much brighter than my usual colours. However, in real life her rugs are much more aged and toned down looking (saturated rich but old) and have so many different tones and textures instead of solids that I felt sooooo comfortable and so enjoyed working on my rug. I have only done hmmm maybe 1/4 of my Russian Village so will not post pix today of it but will show you what other people were working on in class.

Francis and her cupid rug…HPIM4160

Roberta and her Washing Day rug – do you love the blouse on the woman!HPIM4161

Ohhhhh I apologise for not knowing allllll the names… This was the poppies rug…HPIM4163

Faith and Carol with Readers – so interesting to see different interpretations…HPIM4164

Rose??? and her Audubon rug…HPIM4165

Whhhooopss – not only do I not know names but I accidentally cut off a head!!!…HPIM4166

Kathy with her cat rug (sorry do not know the correct title)…HPIM4168

Okay so yesterday I did remember names better but this rug is the Czeck Lady – isnt the background amazing (and check out the jacket!!!! it almost disappeared into a few rugs!!!!!)…HPIM4170

Brenda (who was in my class last year and sat beside me) and the Boating Bunnies…HPIM4172

Next post I will include pix of some of the rug show! Ahhhh you have more to look forward to…

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  1. wow, those are cute…especially love those bunnies in a boat…can’t believe you are home already…seems like you just left…this winter is flying by…which reminds me, i need a ‘canadiana’ project for camp Iawah…now that will be a challenge since I am ‘hookless in Georgia!’

  2. wow are these sweet rugs. I love the backgrounds in them. I too hate having to do so much background. My primitive bunny is well on the way and tah day the Penrose tiles are oh so close to being finished. ABout two hours more work is all. Get out the Euro steamer!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the rugs on your next post

  3. Very very nice! Thank you for sharing this!
    André et Lucie

  4. WOW that looks like a wonderful Workshop. I love Sharon’s rugs and never really looked so closely at her backgrounds but she does have really nice backgrounds. I always hate that part of hooking the rug too but we can make them so much more interesting. Glad you had a good time, glad you’re back to blog!!!! Now show us your rug!!


    • Yes the background CAN be interesting!!!! look really closely at her backgrounds – some are inspired by Van Gogh and some by nature but makes backgrounds so much more interesting to look at and exciting to hook. ohhhhh let me hook a bit on mine and then i will post it – promise!!!!

  5. Welcome home Loretta. I look forward to seeing what you worked on. I hope you also have some pics to share of your travels. Unfortunately I have discovered Pinterest and have not created in a while!

  6. The Country Mouse

    Am speechless (yeah, yeah, I know, hard to believe)…these pics are nothing short of rug hooking heaven to this wee, mere mortal whose favourite part is the background.

    Thanks for including us in this inspirational pictorial journey.

    Anxiously waiting for sneak peak at your mat.

  7. Oh, this blog is next best to going with you. Thanks for sharing.
    The backgrounds make an incredible difference and make the pieces so old-worldly!

  8. Loretta,

    How wonderful to see all the great rugs, backgrounds and future inspirations. And, Frances Hammond. She sat beside me at rug camp in Nfld. That woman really gets around, but, I guess the same can be said about you as well.
    Home in early Feb, see you then.
    Nancy L

    • Hi Nancy yes Frances mentioned she was in NFLD at a class and I asked her if she had met you – yes. Then she went to a Deanne Fitzpatrick class and met my friend Sheila there!!!!! so yes she is the travelling hooker!!!!

  9. Margaret Carson

    Hi Loretta, thanks for sharing all the lovely hooking….the backgrounds are fun and am looking forward to our next RVBB meeting to see your work.
    Marg Carson


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