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I’m leaving on a jet plane – don’t know if I’ll be back again… yup – leaving for Arizona today and just a tad nervous. Last year when we flew down our plane hit nasty turbulence – we bounced around for quite a while and things got so bad that the flight attendants reminded us that in the pocket of the seat in front of us … (yup the brown bags!!!). Since I had not eaten (airlines don’t provide food anymore unless you want to pay for it – not even the peanuts and pretzels that I used to complain about years ago) I did not need the bag but I was murmuring little prayers cause I thought for sure that we were going down! In the end (obviously) we did not! I survived! but am now not happy about flying anywhere. I remember when I was young and had to travel for business quite a bit and flying was so exciting – now it is just hmmm a pain! that I have to get through to go somewhere!

So to ease my nervousness I have been dyeing wool. This morning I did a great old dirty colour that I will call Primitive Butternut. It actually looks dirtier in real life and if you don’t stir you get wonderful mottling. Since I did 2 1/2 yard in the pot I had to stir (I like full coverage on my wool) but I could have reserved part of the formula and done some abrashing if I wanted more mottling. The formula uses both Magic Carpet and Cushings dyes and I did as I mentioned 2 1/2 yards of mixed wool so cut back if you want to do less:

10/16  MC Orange

10/16  MC Yellow

5/16    MC Seal brown – at this point when I tested the formula (mixed with boiling water) with a tissue I found it just a tad to brown so added the next colour

4/16    Cushings Apricot


It really does look more Butternut Squash colour in real life (not as yellowy) and quite dirty on some of the wools.

So off to my class with Sharon Smith – on my return I will post pix and tell you allllll about my class! And meeting up with friend Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folk Art who is taking the class with me. Hope you all have a wonderful week.


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  1. safe travels. I love the butternut yellows! Will have to find something to use it.

  2. Please tell Kathy we are so excited for her to come to Canada and wait anxiously for her class!Just feeling that Sedona sun on your face will be worth the flight! Have fun…and I wish Gord good goofing, I mean golfing!

  3. Have a blast Loretta. Looking forward to all the pics. Really love the yellows.

  4. The Country Mouse

    Bon Voyage! Happy Hooking!!

  5. Have a safe trip Loretta and Gord! The yellows are my type of colours. I will have to try this on my return to the cottage.
    Have fun and yes tell Kathy we are very much looking forward to her visit.

  6. I wish I was going on the same journey. Tell Kathy I said”Hi”. I got my Shep’s world paten today. Safe plane ride back and I look forward to pictures from both of you.

  7. You must have an enormous cauldron!
    That’s 20 pieces of 1/8th yard each?
    Enjoy every moment……even the flights……

    • got here and into bed at 2 a.m phoenix time – 4 a.m. canadian time and now up so 3 hours sleep flight was delayedddddd so will be a tiring day and to bed earlyyyy tonight but should be fun lots of caffeine will help and yes 20 1/8th pieces it is a bigggg pot!!!! have a great day…loretta

  8. My friend Londi (from Utah) will be in that class also – you’ll have to look her up! I know you’re going to have a fun time and I can’t wait to see all the projects that come out of it!


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