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A couple of years ago I came home from a wonderful trip to the Shelburne rug show with a crick in my neck – probably from twisting my head into unnatural positions trying to figure out what these amazing hookers had done. The term crick in the neck does NOT AT ALL explain the excrutiating pain I suffered. Could not sleep, move or do virtually anything without severe agony. Finally I ended up in a neck brace because my neck was so painful that it could not support my head. Welllll, after feeling extremely sorry for myself for many days Gord finally convinced me to go for a walk, so neck brace on, warm wooly scarf wrapped around my head and neck and a good dose of muscle relaxants and pain pills we left. As we were walking along I must say I enjoyed the sights straight ahead of me until!!! Gord said – oh look at the owl. Well, I carefully turned my entire body 180 degrees to catch a glimpse of a wonderful snowy owl in mid day (not a sight one sees often) only to be confronted with an owl with a cruel sense of humour. As he gazed at us he turned his head a perfect 180 degrees – while I in my agony could not turn my head 1 degree!!! Was he mocking me?  He was such a beauty though that when I got my Karla Gerard patterns one of the ones I ordered included 3 owls on a wonderful swirl tree. Since I did not have time over the holidays to do the entire large rug I took one owl, enlarged him and cropped the background down to a small beginner kit sized piece and finished him off in a day and a half. This will now be available as a kit – 9.5 x 12 inches – a great small wallhanging or pillow size.


Have I mentioned I am going to Arizona in a week to take a class with Sharon Smith. I have admired Sharon’s work for a while now (there was an entire article in Rughooking magazine last fall about Sharon). Her colours are rich and jewel like (so different from my more primitive old colours and textures) and I am so looking forward to trying something totally out of my comfort zone. I will be meeting up with friends and spending a wonderful 3 days hooking with them and learning from Sharon. You can see Sharon’s rugs and hooking style on her website at Then off to Sedona for a short continuation of the trip.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I now have a few Martina Lesar patterns – these are the ones I have in stock at the moment:


Paisley Medallionimagemagic.php

Star Ponyimagemagic.php





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  1. Love the owl, Loretta, and the story is even better. Have a great time in Arizona and I am looking forward to seeing what you will have done in class.

  2. oooooh Loretta I do so love that owl!

    Each time I see your stuff I know that the primitive art form is what grabs me. I will at some point get some kits from you including that owl. I am already thinking Christmas gifts for my sisters!

    I feel your pain re: neck and shoulder my girl! I have been nursing a very painful neck and shoulder since Christmas day. Blame it on the soup pot. Have been getting treatments on it but have NOT been able to hook so I am going slightly nuts. Today however I am saying to heck with the discomfort, I am going to hook.

    Enjoy your trip to Arizona. Can’t wait to see what you do in that class.

  3. I’ve heard it said that Owls are the ‘in thing’ for 2013!
    Sure enough-you are ahead of the game.
    Your OWL is perfectly lovely.
    How do you arrive at such wonderful colours!..the grey tree trunk!….grand!
    Looking forward to your sharing your news and views from hooking abroad.

    i’ve also heard it told that Owls eat Mice!
    The word will soon get out on your ‘Catch and Release’ program and you may be seeing more of a Snowy and company.

  4. The Country Mouse

    What a hoot, just way too cute, with eyes so big and round.
    He stares into the night, waiting, watching silently, high above the ground.

  5. Yes owls seem to be the big thing right now. My cousin has loved owls all her life and now she has tons to choose from for her home. I actually hooked her an owl/sheep rug for Christmas. Your owl is beautiful Loretta. How funny that you saw on during the day. I’ve never seen a live one yet but then I don’t look up when I’m outside!!! Sorry about your neck pain, I had some neck/shoulder pain ironicly right around Christmas. Don’t know what it was from but it was painful. Took Tylenol on a regular basis and now it’s gone. Have no idea why or what I did. I hope you’re feeling better. Enjoy your class in AZ with Sharon Smith. I agree, I love her patterns. I just got Purple Rain but haven’t started it yet. I’m a primitive hooker too so it will be a challenge to use the brighter colors but I love that rug!! xoxox

  6. Hi Loretta,Thank you for the RVBB update. I will print it and bring it to McMartin House next Wednesday so that Helen and Elizabeth will know what they missed since they don’t have email.I love the owl kit and your story that goes with it. Would you please reserve a kit for me?Have fun in Arizona. Marie Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 12:46:40 +0000 To:


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