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We had a true Canadian Christmas this year – cold and lots of snow. We got about a foot of lovely, fluffy snow that started boxing day evening. Much nicer than the wet slushy snow we got just before Christmas. Took Gord 4 hours to plow our driveway (but of course it had to be done PERFECTLY with no little ridges in the middle – have I mentioned how much Gord likes his toys? I wonder if a vacuum cleaner could be adapted in some way that it becomes a power tool?). I even went out and tried to shovel away a 3 foot pile of snow from in front of the garage door – did not get too far. Gord came zooming up in the John Deere and yelled get out of the way – I can PLOW that! 🙂

Our deer are finally back! Every morning we find them out by the feeder staring at the house in anticipation of being fed. Even the turkeys came back on December 26 – just after turkey dinner!

We spent the holidays watching the deer, eating too much (now I remember another reason I don’t bake!!!), playing lots of cribbage (just learned how to play this game and beat Gord the first time round but since then have lost every game – do you think he was being easy on me! – to get me hooked!), watched some fun old movies and YES I hooked! Finished the pad for the ugly stool, reattached it to the wooden seat with all the little upholstery tacks which thank goodness I had saved when we took it apart and yesterday I painted and distressed and waxed the frame et voila – my not so ugly stool is finished. It amazes me sometimes how these old pieces can be upcycled… So now justification for going to the junk man in search of a new piece to work on (or maybe I should dig through the existing stash! 🙂


On an aside, the little kitten that I posted about a few weeks ago that had been lost in the woods and found by my neighbour has been adopted! Our wonderful vet gave the kitten a temporary home and then just before Christmas Pat gave her a permanent home. Thank you so much Pat (and Gord thanks you because otherwise hmmm we would have FIVE CATS!!!!)

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  1. beautiful stool – so unusual to find a round one – makes me wishi had brought hooking gear

    • This one I found at Paquettes – flea market outside Perth YEARRRS ago I had been using it as a step stool and finally realised it was a reallllly good stool to be recovered. Now I have pulled out an antique picnic basket that would be nice with a hooked piece attached to the lid and another stool that is rectangular that I also bought years ago but at Dead Peoples Stuff in Bloomfield. It will be more of a challenge but you are right Liz – don’t see many round ones!…well maybe old piano stools!

  2. Great Job, Loretta!
    I consider it a product of ..LORETTA’S RESCUE MISSION, RETREAT AND EMPORIUM… your mice, kittens, deer, raccoons, turkeys,hookers… this blog for more!

  3. LOVE your ‘new’ stool – the colors and design and just perfect! My dad & his wife play cribbage on a regular basis – I knew how to play as a child, but seem to have forgotten now. Glad to hear you love the snow too – we got about 12″ here in Utah and I’m in heaven! (the ski resorts are hopping today!)

    • ohhhh UTAH how wonderful I have been to Zion Canyon and the 4 corners Such a beautiful area. Well we are getting more snow!!!!! will be a white New Years as well it seems… I have given up on cribbage – it was fun while I was getting the occasional good hand (i dont always need to win) but today it was hand after hand of garbage – so instead I hooked :-)…

  4. Your stool is lovely Loretta,
    It give me more incentive to to go shopping for repurposing.

  5. The stool is lovely. I have done no hooking since before Christmas. have done in my shoulder by lifting a very heavy pot of soup for Chrisitmas dinner. It is however improving so I expect to be able to hook away by Monday. We too have lots of snow. I love it

  6. Ha Ha Louise – Bill and Diane are here and guess where we are going on Monday!!!! junkin!
    I have another little stool that will be a bit more difficult but is a stunning recycled footstool…


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