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And no that would not be from baking (although earlier this week I did bake THE BEST ginger cookies ever – and have been enjoying them ever since – hmmmm they were supposed to be for Christmas guests!). Today I am repairing an antique rug for a lady I met in Ottawa. I believe the rug was hooked either by her mother or grandmother and has great sentimental value. It is a lovely rug and in relatively good shape however the outside edge and last row of hooking were ripped off around 50% of the rug. That could have spelled total disaster except that someone had glued all the way around the outside of the rug about an inch in – either glue or silicone – something reallllly sticky and gooey. That prevented the rug from totally ravelling but is making the repairing really difficult. My fingers are covered with goo and consequently covered with fluff that will not come off (get out the Goof Off), my needles and pins will have to be thrown out as every time I pass the needle through this goo it comes out sticky and has to be cleaned off, I now have a hole in the end of my index finger from pushing the needle through the goo (I finally resorted to using the end of my chapstick container to push the needle because I cannot find my thimble) and my wrist aches! However, I sewed the torn off edge back on so that it was not dangling loose and then tore some wool in 4 inch strips, sewed them together, folded them in half and have stitched them all to the top of the rug about 3/4 of an inch from the edge. I am now wrapping this to the back and folding it in on itself and stitching it to the back (this is where the worst of the glue/silicone/goop is). Once I am done I think this will protect the outside edge of the rug for many years to come and at the same time hide the damage that was repaired and cover the goo! But this is a good example of WHY WE DON’T PUT ANYTHING LIKE LATEX OR GLUE ON THE BACK OF OUR RUGS! makes repairs soooo difficult. Here is a picture of the rug repair in progress:


My next project – I remembered I had bought years ago a reallllllly ugly stool – covered with nasty naugahyde! But the stool is hardwood and really sturdy and a good sitting height with a rounded top. So Gord took it apart and removed the naugahyde and now it is ready for me to paint, distress and hook a cover for. Pictures of the process will follow as I get around to it but here is the stool BEFORE…


Yesterday we had visitors – racoon in the night trying to eat all the birdseed and realising there was nothing left (those chickadees can go through seeds reallllly quickly)…and a kitten rescued from the woods by my neighbour (and needing a good home because my 4 will not allow any more cats in the house!!!).




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  1. What a cute kitty, but I really love the Coon! I know they can be distructive but they are so inquisitive and smart. Enjoy your wild life and good luck with the repair–quite a job!!

  2. Lovely rug pattern and well worth all your trials.
    Rug restoration can take you to places you never thought you’t go!
    Nice kitty!

  3. The photo of that racoon would make an amazing rug don’t you think?
    You could name it “Caught In The Act!”
    Great shot 🙂

  4. What a great show of the bandit in your neighbourhood……… wonder if the cops might want to use this in their ‘We are going to getcha ads!!!’ ha
    I love looking at them but would never want to be their mercy!! they are strong and in charge if they get a ‘hold’ on you……. don’t ask me now I know!!!

    • Oh wouldnt that be a great poster!!! i rescued 2 babies this summer – not sure where mom was but they were on the verge of trying to cross the highway When I picked them up (in a beach towel) they went wild and then just calmed right down but yes they are fighters! soooo I take it one got YOU….


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