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and having soooo much fun. I just finished hooking A Winter’s Day – a pattern by my friend Joni Black of Fully Wooly Primitives ( This was actually a miniature punch needle pattern but with Joni’s permission I enlarged it and hooked it (much faster than I ever would have been able to punch it). And with Joni’s permission I am offering this pattern and Market Day both 42 x 13 on primitive linen for 50.00. I started A Winter’s Day on Sunday and IT IS DONE! hmmm 5 days – tomorrow showbinding and then up on my living room wall to replace Market Day which is being put away now until next fall. This was such a fun fun pattern to hook – loved every loop of it.


Hmmm see the blue in the skating rink – about 50 of the hundreds of blue strips I pulled out of the 50% finished background of the squirrel rug!!! At least they got used (well partially – I think I need to hook a few more rugs with blue to use up the entire pile!).HPIM1342

In addition, I finished off Squirrel and Nuts last week and finally have a decent photo to post. This rug represents our little red squirrel who is a tad daft! This morning I caught him on the front porch trying to chow down on my WOODEN berry garland! After a few gnaws he gave up and in sympathy, I piled up some craisins for him to eat since the nuts are allllll gone! planted in my gardens, and in plant pots, running shoes… Now – what Wolfe Lake vignette will I hook next?  Well, years ago I drew up a reallllly folkarty version of the end of hunting season. The deer frolicking in the woods as they check out the December 31 on the calendar nailed on a tree. This may be the next WL rug – wonder if that would count as my Iawah Canadiana piece? Verrrrrry Canadian to hunt deer. Personally, I am looking forward to December 31 and being able to FEED them again!


On a more somber note, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of the shooting yesterday in Newtown Connecticutt. At a time of year when the world is celebrating the joy and peace of the holiday season this horrific event saddens us all.


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  1. I’m hooked. I would love to have one of those patterns, The Winter’s day would be wonderful.So save me one please.

    thanks for your blogs I look forward to each and every one

  2. Is the squirrelly rug your pattern? If so do you have any for sale? Love him and he reminds me of my own little squirrelly friend!!

  3. Love all your rugs! You are a fast hooker! No baking or cooking here either but taking time to hook. Looking forward to your next post! Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Newtown community and especially those impacted by these horrid events. Very sad.

  4. I love, love, love your “winter’s day” rug! That is so cute! You were quite busy! Good for you!


    • it is hanging on my living room wall and i look at it every day and love it more! I am trying to convince Joni to do a summer themed design as well!!! Today no hooking – well maybe!!! i am repairing an antique rug for someone and that may take most of the day then hmmm i have a reallllllly UGLY stool that i am determined to refinish and recover with a hooked rug – may have to take before and after pix! I think refinished it will be wonderful …. have a wonderful day …


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