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A little snowman humour!!! Since there is no snow!


About a year ago Gord and I went shopping at Ballycanoe (one of my favourite places to shop for salvaged bits). I wanted an architectural piece above the quilt we had hung in the stairwell (beautiful quilt made by my friend Sylvia). So we bought a lovely old piece of gingerbread trim and John (owner of Ballycanoe) helped us find a piece to add to the top as a shelf. Finally a few months ago Gord got around to attaching the board to the top and I now had a grungy “shelf”. But chippy peely white really did not work in the stairwell so I picked a green, mustard and dirty red out of the quilt, bought the paint and painted my piece (on the front side only of course!). Well it sat around for weeks and weeks before I finally antiqued it and then for a few more weeks before it got moved to the landing above the stairwell where it then sat for another week. Every day Gord would add it to his list of jobs and every day it got carried forward to the next day’s list of jobs! Finally this morning the ladder  made its way in from the garage and we planned our attack ONLY to find once we held it above the quilt that because the inside brackets of the gingerbread are a bit narrower than the quilt it looked awful!!!!!! Alllllll that work and darn it just did not look beautiful. Sooooo where to put it – we tried it in a few places – colour did not stand out from the living room wall so that was not going to happen, too deep to put above the door into the kitchen or living room so hmmm nope and then the light went on!!! What about INSIDE the door opening into the living room. It fit perfectly (well half an inch too wide but that can be cut off and fixed) – yeahhhh but as we were about to screw it into the door frame I realised that OH NO the back is not painted!!!! it is still chippy peely white! So now nothing will happen UNTIL I paint the back AND we have a piece of trim to add to the back to represent a ledge AND we trim it down to the perfect size which means hmm another year???? In the meantime I have come up with a solution to the stairwell dilemma – one antique corbel on either side of the quilt with a shelf screwed into the top of the corbel – not sure why this never occurred to either of us before!!!! But I do have a beautiful piece of architectural salvage sitting out on my porch table!!!!

This is a picture of Joan with her version of Alana’s wonderful frog rug. The pattern is available in 15 x 15 or larger (Joan’s I believe was 30 x 30). It turned out sooooooo beautifully. Contact me if you are interested in a pattern and or wool cut or uncut in similar colours. Also stay tuned because I will shortly have new patterns – new Karla Gerards, more Briarwood Folkart, a few patterns by Joni Black, a selection of Sharon Smith patterns and wow some by our own Canadian Martina Lesar along with Woollen Memories, Alana Kapell oh and my own!


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  1. OMG that frog pattern is delightful. Excellent job!

  2. Beautiful Frog!!! Love the snowman cartoon! And of course I loved your post, sounds exactly like things here go. Things sit for weeks and weeks and then when we finally get around to actually doing it….something isn’t right. So it sits again for weeks….well months and months. I think they call that procrastination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are…….procratstinators!!!!!

    hugs to you

  3. Adore the frog pattern. Do you carry it? It reminds me of the saying that to find your prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. Something I did too much of in my youth and never found that dog-gone prince.


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