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On Wednesday Ruby and her friends Sandra, Heidi and Dona came to the studio and brought snacks and show and tell. What a wonderful day and what talented hookers! – here are some pix of show and tell.

Dona’s inchmat hooked in yarns…HPIM4006Dona’s Leaf rug – many recycled wools in this one…

HPIM4008Heidi’s rooster done I believe in a class with Judith Dallagret…HPIM4007

Sandra’s Thistle stained glass rug done in a class with Laura Bozormeny…HPIM4011

Ruby’s wonderful rug – love those chickens!…HPIM4012And yesterday was guild Christmas party!!! MOOOORE good food and good fun and PRESENTS! While I was gone Gord made up a few more stars out of cedar branches and a wonderful window frame out of birch branches (all from deadfall – no living trees were hurt during his escapades!) and collected an entire bin of greenery for me to play with.

And Saturday is our primitive Christmas party – even MOOOOOOREEE good food, good fun and WOWWWWWW handmade gifts and ornaments. Laura’s house (over 150 year old former church) will be decorated from bottom to top with wonderful primitive decorations (gotta get a big bag because I am sure she will not miss a few!!! decorations). This is one of my most exciting Christmas events – we exchange handmade presents – amazing, creative presents! I am sooo excited!. So lots of pix will be taken to share with you on Sunday or Monday… have a wonderful weekend… Off to charge up batteries for the camera!!!


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  1. Have fun!!! :-))

  2. What a lot of ‘roads’ lead to your home……….and what beautiful hooked pieces……………..
    thanks so much for sharing.

  3. wow….Have a great time!!! Love all the rugs! That stained glass thistle is really beautiful, looks exactly like stained glass…something I would love to acheive one of these days! My neighbor also lives in an old church and has beautiful stained glass in their front windows. This summer while pet sitting for them I took about 100 pictures of the stained glass for a future rug. Hard to capture with a camera, thus 100 pictures, with flash, without flash, lights on, lights off, sun out, sun in…..well you get the picture!!! Merry Christmas! ~Cyndi

    • Ohhhh so I know about this flash on flash off business The stained glass piece was wonderful – part of the wonderfulness was achieved by her great wool that look like stained glass!!!! Merry Christmas to you too Cyndi….

  4. You are truly blessed with a wonderful circle of friends Loretta – enjoy yourself this weekend!
    My partner did a daffodil design for me and I am now going to transfer it to linen and start hooking with those great yellows, greens and purples you put aside for me. Will send a pic when finished.
    Look forward to seeing pics of the goodies from the primitive Christmas party.

    • I KNOWWWWWW i have a wonderful circle of friends and you are right in there!!!!! cannot wait to see your daffodil rug! Hope to see you before the holidays and if not have a wonderful Christmas… with lots of hooking!!!…

  5. Kimberley Ann Renwick

    Awww they are all so nice… Especially yours Ana Boo, am just a little bias that’s all but with very good reason. I love you all my heart. XOX Beautiful work ladies no doubt about it they are all wonderful. Sincerely, Kim


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