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Yesterday Gord and I played Martha Stewart and discovered we are not really good MS material!!!   I have a metal basket on the wall outside the front door that I change seasonally – in the summer it is filled with live plants which are replaced for the fall by gourds and oak leaves and branches (gourds and Indian corn all get pulled out and eaten by the squirrels and raccoons!). For the holiday season I filled it with greenery Gord had collected – but hmmm it has not got much shape. I had seen all these wonderful baskets with stuff filling and hanging out of then on Pinterest – mine just looks kind of mashed. We also have an antique sled that was given to us last year by a good friend – well that was not tooooo difficult – clumped a bunch of branches together, added a woollen bow and wired it to the sled – passable but definitely not Martha quality! Finally, we had seen a star made out of twigs at a friends Monday night and I loved it and thought it would be really nice on the front door in place of the traditional wreath. So Gord went hunting for branches armed with his loppers (amazed that he did not take along the chainsaw!). He came back with an armful (we are making ONE STAR Gord!). I did not want to dampen his creative spirit but I personally thought they were a bit thick and had no character.  Anyway, a bit later he comes to the door – come see the star. Hmmm Dear, I think the arms need to be crossed at the joints and maybe up 1 1/2 inches instead of being butt joined (have done enough of that). Not daunted off he went to try again – came back a few minutes later but this time he had forgotten to alternate the overlap so off to take it apart and restart! again! Hmmmm next faux pas was a Star of David instead of a 5 pointed star! No dear, I want 5 points – plus  it was uneven – one point was very tight to the end and the others were more open – now I like wonky and primitive but this was just nottttt what I wanted. At that point we almost gave up and went into town for a wreath! But first we checked out some pix on the computer – THERES THE 5 POINTED STAR I WANT! So off he went into the woods for cedar – thinner and rougher and ahhhhhhh primitive character! Put it together – I found grapevine hanging off one of the trees and wrapped it through the star,  added a rusty wire hanger and some greenery and a primitive handmade cardinal et voila – even Martha would be proud!


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  1. “It’s a good thing!”
    Meanwhile, you have just become the only property on Wolfe Lake with no trees! You can buy seedings by the hundreds in our town…………Gord-another star in your crown!

  2. Can I borrow that man of yours?????

  3. I think that you must be married to a saint. M.

  4. How on earth did I miss it today?? Too busy starring at all the other neat stuff and all the chickadees at the feeders. You have a little piece of heaven there! Martha Stewart–eat your heart out!!!!


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